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    some other numbers; the universe is 14 billion years old or, 14 x 10^9 years, a rather small number compared to the solution of certain mathematical problems using a super computer. the last time i looked, some problems took 10 x 10^276 centuries. or would do if someone had bothered to press “Start”.

    as David said, relative measures are everything.
  2. And you'd just get to the end when a Windows Update crashed the damn thing..............
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  3. If I'm comparatively not even microscopic the same goes for the challenges I face. This is comforting to me.
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  4. Or more precisely put with the viewer left to watch the image as its own consciousness. It’s what all art is essentially about. How to express that which is pre-language by speaking in its own voice. Phil

    Sorry, Phil.

    They left the philosophers behind, on the dying embers of earth.

    What have they to offer to mankind?

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    May be in the embers - I sure hope not.
    The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek word "philosophia," which combines the words "philo" meaning "love of" and "sophia" meaning "wisdom." Some common etymological definitions of philosophy are "love of wisdom" or "love of knowledge."
  6. In the ancient times they gave us the words...

    In ancient times.

  7. For an interesting and very recent discussion of philosophy and physics and the synergy between them see this Scientific American article.
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  8. “I have a feeling this may be the case, but I’m going to have to have a closer look” ........
    The hunches drive us toward the Truth.....
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    Hmm... from what I've seen,
    there isn't intelligent life
    ANYWHERE in the universe...
    except for Great Apes...
  10. very humbling about being put in my place so absolutely.
    To the point of misty eyes

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