The phenomenon of the used and beaten A7s advertised as 'excellent'

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by Karim Ghantous, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. I don't know what kind of person would sell a beaten A7s on eBay. Probably a very normal person, in fact. But it takes a very... special, possibly unbathed, kind of person to sell a beaten A7s, which hasn't even had a screen protector applied, to describe it as 'excellent'.

    But wait. Maybe I don't understand. Yes, that's it. I just don't understand that if a camera is beaten up, it has actually been used a lot. And you can't expect a camera that gets a lot of use to be in pristine condition. What are you, delusional? What do you want, a shelf queen?

    Okay, my mistake. Now that I understand, I now know it was I who was at fault. But I changed, and as penance, I cut off my left arm and then bought the camera before being admitted to hospital for acute blood loss (thankfully there is no risk of tetanus, as I used a stainless steel bone saw). My only consolation is that I never got to meet the seller to kiss his dirty, smelly shoes.


    (Obviously I would never buy a beaten up camera from anyone, even if they had great hygiene. So if you're concerned for my mental wellbeing, have no worry!)
  2. I think there is a spell-checker on the famous auction site which changes the word "beater" to "excellent" or "mint". If you want ratings that mean something, go to B&H or KEH.
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  3. even had a screen protector applied

    Oh no, the horror of it all. Sans protector! Darling I wouldn't dream of purchasing such an item...
  4. I own a well beaten Fuji X-T10. The playback button is broken. The rubber coverings are falling off. The thumb rest was missing (now replaced). It has scrapes, dings and 'brassing'. Most of the lower half of the camera is covered in gaffer tape, perhaps to protect it?

    I doubt it has ever seen a screen protector in it's life.

    The sensor is scratched and pitted.

    I bought it for a pittance, when you consider the value of the lens (which is like new) that it was attached to.

    The auction description was very fair. I was the only bidder.

    In spite of all this, it works just fine (provided you're not shooting at f16 against a pale background) and is by far the camera I'm most likely to grab as I head out of the door.

    So maybe there is some merit in a beat-up camera, bought cheap?
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  5. Cheap? Yes.
  6. With all your previous posts and this I am concerned of your mental well being.
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  7. You had several conversations going at once in that post Karim... So did you get taken on an E-bay transaction and got a beater described as a gem? If so, sorry to hear it and I agree, if what you're saying is that people selling stuff on-line should be fair in describing their stuff. That's why I prefer someplace like KEH, but I've bought on the auction site a few times and have been very lucky so far. Its a good thing to check seller ratings sometimes.
  8. Put it in a bag and send it back.

    I recently bought a Leica TL2 6mounths old and as new. For such a silly price I feel guilty for buying it. Really.

    Being a Ferangi sort of buyer I would ask for photos before buying and a return policy. No feed backs, no buying.

    Just for you...

    The Complete Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition
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  9. Once upon a time not so long ago...

    Bob Geldof asked Margret Thatcher why she was charging VAT on private contributions to his Ethiopian Appeal.

    "It's a commercial world, Bob", was her reply.
  10. No, thankfully. I was window shopping. ;-)
  11. I think eBay offering buyer protection.
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    You Get What You Pay For / Merriam-Webster/

    —used to say that a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn't very good"That cheap camera I bought is broken already." "Well, you get what you ...
  13. Understood. Well, maybe your rant was a little dramatic but I can understand the sentiment.

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