The Online Photographer talks to Ned Bunnell

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  1. Good interview, though much of it wasn't pertinent to my interest.
    Funny thing is he got me pumped up about the lenses, specifically the 18-135mm. I had said for a while that if they made a sealed superzoom I would buy it, and while the 18-135mm is short of a super zoom, it's ideal for my needs and I consider it a super zoom (anything over 3X zoom is a super zoom to me). Looks like Pentax really put some thought into this lens.
    Unlike a lot of the forums, I don't find the 35mm f/2.4 to be insulting, I think it would pair nicely with either the kit WR zoom, or better the 18-135mm for a nice light kit. Too bad it wasn't also sealed.
  2. Interesting:
    This allowed us to focus on both the K-7 and K-x. And then, with these new platforms in place, to come out fairly quickly with the recently announced K-5 and K-r. With this foundation in place, we were then able to go back and complete development of the 645D and make it an even better camera by increasing the sensor size and incorporating a lot of the imaging processing architecture and features we had developed for the K-7 and now the K-5. ​
    I always thought the technology flow was from the 645D to the K-7, but it looks like it was the other way around.
    I'm confused about this statement about the 18-135WR:
    And although it's not totally weather sealed like our SDM lenses​
    What does that mean?
  3. nope, in the case of the 645D the tech flow was upstream from the k-7, this is what is different and what is interesting to me. most brands use trickle down technology.
    The 645 and 67 systems were Pentax pro systems with 35mm an afterthought for consumers with the last pro spec'd SLR the PZ-1P, but it seems the 645D is the prodigy of the smaller cameras.
    I hope this symbiosis continues and I think in the digital era it should since it's more than just mechanics involved, the image processing is a big chunk of the equation too. I'd love to see the APS-C and 645 flagships share technology and evolve together.
  4. this is what is different and what is interesting to me.​
    Right. To me too. I just never saw this mentioned before. Without this information, I was assuming the opposite was the case. I would say this makes the K-7 an even more historically significant camera for Pentax.
  5. Say,guy strategic like you both every item from him or he not a president of Pentax USA ....shoot me with the hammer I remember his name..
  6. Well shoot me with a hammer if you may, but could you clarify that statement?
    he not a president of Pentax USA ....shoot me with the hammer I remember his name..​

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