The Olympus iAUTO setting (E-M10 in particular)?

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  1. I've had the E-M10 camera for a while, but am finally getting around to using it. I've skimmed the pdf manual and found it somewhat disjointed in presentation. So some questions:
    1. Does iAUTO invoke the IBIS antishake mechanism? If not, why not?
    2. How does iAUTO determine ISO/shutter speed/aperture combinations?
    3. What options can be set that affect iAUTO?
  2. Answers, as far as I can tell, with my EM-5, which is similar.

    1. you can turn IBIS off when in iAuto, but you have to go into the menus to do it. SCP is unavailable.
    2. Magic, as far as I can tell. Probably the same as Program, but WB is always auto.
    3. Easy to find out. put the camera in iAuto, and scroll through the menus. The stuff that's grayed out can't be changed. Too much to list.

    I find iAuto to be too much automation, but if I have to hand my camera to someone else to take a picture, it seems to do a decent job every time.
  3. Hi Alex. I can answer from the iAUTO mode as applies to my little OMD E-M1. Answer 1) IBIS is on and can be adjusted to what IBIS you choose ie. 1 or 2 modes and such. 2) the aperture and speed and ISO will all vary depending you will see on what lens is on the camera and the light level and the closeness to subject ( such as a flower mode when you get super close) Maybe more but I can't recall off top of head, as in fast movement perhaps and for sure will opt for a broader range of autofocus poings when needed,, 3) A live control panel left and bottom system ( not same as Super Control Panel n.b) can be brought up along the left and bottom allows some configuration..I press center Ok to bring it up. And a Live Guide too allows some tweaking of colors. So iAUTO is still configurable on the E-M1. I hope it is so in your camera too in same spirit of configurability Oly has promised us all.

    You may to get more detail , Alex, if you want to pose such questions also to other users of your specific model camera- if you have a facebook account-and I am sure they will leap to answer with more specificity and with usual alacrity of the group. I have not used iAUTO much myself but glad it is there for same reason as Peter Hamm. Since the EM 10 has a Mk II version I think you may have to verify what you get from internet. And yes, expect the manuals on PFF to suck. Is why there is such a market for kindle books. I got one for my E-M1, glad to have it. Please come back later and let us know what your research reveals. Fair questions we all want to share...aloha, -g-

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