The NEW premium ultra-compact Pentax KP!

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  1. No top LCD, 1/6000 max shutter speed, quietness unknown, metal body- unknown, premium price. Just announced and shown on Ricoh Pentax USA website. It seems by the photo it "might" actually be available in a lens-matching silver color!
  2. I'll take back the "ultra" compact. Just compact. The top LCD was eliminated apparently to accommodate the extra control dials. The dimensions are close to those of the K-3, but weight is significantly less, only a tad over that of the K-70.
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    It's pre-listed at $1,099 at B&H
  4. ISO 819200 & interchangeable focusing screens sound nice to have.
  5. I am more and more interested to Pentax DSLR these days, and this KP seems to me the best APSC camera (also with the best price). This KP is sooo attractive to me.
    I am happily using a K-50 which replaced my dead ist D which was drown and died in a flood, but I do worry about the lenses because: 1. I do not buy expensive lenses, 2. I have not seen any good lens made in Vietnam (though I am Vietnamese). I am using cheap Pentax K lenses (mf and af) from film cameras.
  6. DPReview has a hands-on up on their site. Looks a nice camera indeed, especially the exchangeable handgrip is a nice touch. Not in the market myself, but more competition is beneficial to all of us.
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    Speaking to the "made in Vietnam" issue, I have a couple of such lenses and they seem to be very well constructed to me. They followed specs laid down by Pentax (now Richo) Corp and I can say I have not had a manufacture's issue with any Pentax lens. I have had Sigmas (plural) fall apart on me, a Tamron do likewise, but nothing with Pentax stamped on it.
  9. That's a really tiny DSLR. All those roto-dials crammed into such a tight space reminds me of the 2003 3MP Fuji S5000 P&S I examined at a thrift store selling for $45 several weeks ago. I thought it was a bargain until I saw how complicated the interface was laid out. I passed on it.
    I couldn't make heads or tales what all those tiny dial symbols did and I've been shooting with a 2006 Pentax K100D for nine years. Why make it smaller and more cluttered with mindless features. Why not design a camera that's simpler and does what it's suppose to do. Record what's in front of the viewer as accurate as possible.
    How old is digital camera technology now? I guess they keep thinking the user is so stupid they have to have all these freakin' options, dials, menus and settings just take a picture.
    Please! OH! PLEASE! camera manufacturers, start doing the work for us instead of stiff arming us with more confusing and ever smaller navigation interfaces that do pretty much the same thing as every other digital camera.
  10. I believe there will still be a new APS-C flagship forthcoming, having K-5 and K-3 style on-body controls, top LCD, longer battery life, etc.
    The KP's sensor is new, of similar size to the K-3 and K-70. I expect it will have outstanding low noise/high detail preservation at higher ISO settings, similar to the K-70. Even though about the same dimensions of a K-3, it is significantly lighter, similar in weight to the K-S2 and K70. It appears to be of exceptional build quality for a mid-point DSLR, and designed more for experienced photographers- no scene modes, etc. The extra knob, I'm guessing, might serve to more quickly access certain functions in the absence of the on-body controls, while making for less lever-cluttered handling. Looks sort of like a K-1 junior. Mostly of magnesium-alloy construction, it would likely be the lightest APS-C DSLR model of such quality build, and hence the higher price. The included three interchangeable right-hand grips, each designed for various-size hands and/or larger or smaller lenses is an amazingly refined concept! There's also an optionally-available custom battery grip as well. The price will likely drift downward after some months. A unique, classy mid-point APS-C model, I think. I hope the tests reveal that its function will live up to its form!
  11. It looks cool and I'm sure it's nice but I'd be more excited if it was K-S2 sized as an adventure camera to replace my lost K-S2 which was great for that purpose. Here is a comparison:,706
  12. This is not making it any easier for me. I am deciding between a new K3II around $850 or a used good condition K3 ($500) and now this. I like many things in this camera. The small body along with faster AF speed attract me but not the small buffer, angular shaped body, shorter battery life, 1/6000 sec instead of 1/8000 like in the K3. The pricing is weird as it should be lower than the K3II introductory price. It should be priced as in $700 to $900.

    @Matt, I think it is close to KS-2 size. I know it is bigger but it should be close. Why don't you get one and let us know and I follow you in a heartbeat.
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    This one doesn't excite me, certainly not enough to upgrade from my current K3 bodies. Losing the dual card slots and altering a control interface that I know and like, along with a wimpy battery are deal breakers, and a probably useless (for me) higher ISO setting isn't helping either. I wouldn't mind a smaller and lighter body, but not at the expense of losing some of the good features of the K3/K3II. Also, even though I'm not a video user, I think that Pentax is foolish not to upgrade video quality and features. If they expect to broaden their market share I think that they will have to do this or be totally left behind, even though IMHO their cameras and lenses represent good value in today's market for still photography.
  14. @Hin I'd be happy to once I secure a sponsor. Are you interested? ;)
    I don't think the value is there for me at this price point. If we have to pay for styling then in a lot of cases I want the ugly one.
  15. I am likewise NOT getting rid of my K-5IIs, which has the deeper buffer, long battery life, quick on-body controls, top LCD, etc. and great IQ. And my smaller K-S2 as well for when I need small as possible. It is my K-r replacement. I don't often need the larger buffer, as I seldom do fast series shooting. The KP's slight extra width is to accommodate the finger-tip controls atop the camera body. Weight-wise, nearly the same as the K-S2. It is about 3-1/3 oz lighter than the K-3, and interestingly, only about 1 oz lighter than my K-5IIs. For those wanting a better K-S2, the K-70 is the answer. All these will be better than the K-3 in low light, high ISO. A K-3 replacement should soon be appearing.
    With the KP, I think Pentax has in mind the serous photographer who likes doing a lot of trekking, cycling, etc. hence my own interest. It has certain interesting new features like astro photography and GPS with the accessory, yet should turn in better low noise/ detail preservation at high ISO, (I hope) like the K-70 has shown over my K-S2, but with superior build quality and controls over the K-70. A few months ago I bought a new Pentax 20-40mm Limited zoom lens at a great deal through Amazon, around $550, and somehow having a premonition of a high-quality silver camera body showing up sometime, I got the silver lens. It would look and perform great on the silver KP. The lens has been delivering wonderful imaging quality. I can go with an extra-small Limited kit, with my DA 21mm and DA 40mm and/or FA 77mm in pocket, or if needing a zoom, perhaps in suspicious weather, take the new Limited zoom having WR. My last outing trying out the new lens with K-S2 in holster, I took the 77mm in pocket. The ability to change grip size according to ones hand size and lenses being taken is a great idea!
  16. I started a thread on here agonizing over an upgrade to my K5. I ordered a K3II, then cancelled it because I decided I wanted a smaller body, was thinking k70, then decided on used K5IIs, cancelled that...thought of jumping ship for panasonic/olympus. OH well, here it is..maybe. Waiting for the reviews and the price to fall, so I wait again lol. I hear mirrorless rumours as well to come.
    Also K3II replacement coming in 6 months....oh wait n wait n wait.
  17. @Matt, I am interested as I am looking to upgrade from K-5, maybe a compliment as I have a single K-5 body. I am planning of a time part photography try out. It is best to have 2 bodies. I do have the Sony gear to compliment. My work are mostly casual and I don't need the FF to start with and I am likely to unload my Sony A7 gear. The Pentax K3 II, K3, KP or even a K5 IIs will be more than enough for me. I won't be rushing to get pre-order as I like to hear others on the pros and cons. I am a bit down on the USB2.0, 1/6000 sec, battery with lesser juice while I am excited about its direction and keep it a small and compact body. And I am especially keen in seeing its raw images in iso 3200 to iso 12800.
  18. I'm also interested to see how the images look!
  19. It is due to hit the shelves in about one month. I think it will create a stir and tests reviews will start coming within a few months. I agree 2 bodies are better than one, and having the K-5, K-3 style as well works for me. Each provides a certain set of advantages. The K-3 replacement should provide far better low noise performance than the K-3, I expect, but of course in a heavier body than the KP.
    In using the K-r for some years as my compact model, and now the K-S2, I have become used to doing without more on-body controls and top LCD (though missed), and the smaller battery has not been such a problem since it is easy to carry an extra one. My impression is the KP will be an in-between model control-wise. More controls than the typical consumer K-r, K-30, K-S2 bodies (of which only Pentax offers WR), and less than the pro-style K-5, K-3 controls, in order to save weight.
    Imaging Resource will likely be first to offer out-of-camera JPEG shots from the KP for comparison, even before their complete test review.
    For me, this high-quality mid-range concept has a lot of appeal, especially with also the potential for improved performance and features.
  20. Of course, I was referring to on-body controls. Control-features wise, it seems the KP bristles aplenty.
  21. Looking at the pictures at Dpreview I am a bit sad: All those nice medium sized wheels on that new camera but hey, where are the classic style prints on them like other retro looking cameras started to offer again? - I mean a shutter speed wheel on which you set your 1/250 sec without turning the camera on and an aperture thing to go along with it? - Permanent access to shutter speed and aperture setting even during review of images on screen? Maybe even an ISO dial?
    Thinking positively: If I wait a few years I'll be too old to read the dials I was just talking about and could get the camera for cheap.
    And now I'll wait for sample pictures somewhere and wonder how much a real focusing screen might be, if such will get offered.
  22. I have not seen any good lens made in Vietnam (though I am Vietnamese)​
    I wish that Pentax moves production of cameras to Vietnam as well.
  23. I am wondering about the reason for the reduction in built-in flash power. 6 meters at ISO 100 guide no. vs 12 meters for the K-S2 and K-70. I suspect it may be to reduce the width of the housing at the top for better handling of the knobs being located so close. Since the battery used is the same, I can think of no other explanation.
  24. Ever smaller, thus more cramped, is not for me. If they prefer to make bodies for the hands of Asians, that is their prerogative.
    After the K-3 II, without a built-in flash, I will need to have a 2nd look at the K-70.
    If only Sigma/Tamron would adapt one of their super zoom lenses to fit the K mount.
    Dream on...
  25. Well, the KP size is actually slightly wider than a K-70 to accommodate the fact it simply has more on-body controls. From a downward view, the layout does not appear to be cramped. But the K-70 flash housing is thicker, allowing a larger flash within, which is fine since one does not have the extra controls to manipulate. Though I'd as soon have the extra flash power, the KP flash should be good enough for nearly 20' at 100 ISO according to spec. We'll see how well it actually does in test reviews Built-in flashes are generally used for closer range. A higher ISO would also increase range.
    My K-S2 is not that old, is about the same size as the K-70- a bit smaller than the KP and even slightly lighter. I will keep it even if I get a KP, as my smallest body when I need that, and also if I need the stronger built-in flash as well, for say group shots in somewhat more spacious settings without having to take along a hot-shoe flash unit. I especially like the built-ins for fill-flash.
    Nothing wrong with considering a K-70 if it has features more well-suited for one's needs. Whether the K-3 II replacement will have a flash remains to be seen.
  26. I wish that Pentax moves production of cameras to Vietnam as well.​

    I don't know what you are wishing for. Maybe, you just want to destroy Pentax (and Ricoh). Olympus has cameras made in Vietnam and they are not so bad. But the Pentax lenses that are made in Vietnam are not cheap at all. I am more interested in using old Pentax K lenses and the Pentax DSLRs prices go down a lot being used, a lot more than Canon's or Nikon's. About cheap used prices, maybe the Olympus and Panasonic MILC would be better choices, except that I really prefer a 100% pentaprism viewfinder (this is also a reason I am interested in Pentax DSLRs). I totally agree with the decision to get rid of the top LCD and having 100% pentaprism. I don't like the retro look because it is just the look. I don't want to say much about the KP that I have not seen but I like my K50 which I bought used for about $150 in mint condition, at a city that always keep a high price for used items. The built quality is not great, but I will not use these cameras a lot and I don't worry of breaking it. It allows me to use the lenses from my film cameras in the same way. The viewfinder is good enough and the controls are easy enough. I don't like the mode dial but I can set it to M and forget it for a lower price. It is a little annoying that the display is flickering whenever the lighting is not enough for the meter, but I can get used to it also because of the low price.
  27. I'm not good for posting links, but there's a thread on Pentax Forums regarding sample high ISO images from the KP by a German source. It can be found in the Pentax News and Rumors section.
    The results are very impressive, to say the least! The images are probably just JPEGs out of the camera. Not only is noise minimized, but even more impressive is the excellent preservation of detail! Easily the most outstanding performance I have seen. One contributor took the images and ran them through a program called Neat Image 8, which made the results really phenomenal!
    I came across other reports of Ricoh-Pentax having stated the KP's sensor to be even better than that of the K-70, and that the KP is the realization of their goal for IQ being very near that of the K-1, but in an APS-C body. Not only does the KP look like a K-1 junior, it also performs like one!
    Most likely, we'll also have test shots from Imaging Resource as early as late March.
  28. There are some rumors floating around that Pentax is going to release another attempt at a mirrorless camera. If the rumor is true, I will wait to see what comes forth before purchasing another Pentax body. I really like the mirrorless m4/3rds bodies and would love to see Pentax offer something in ASP-C sensor size. Time will tell. Right now the new KP does not excite me.

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