The most beautiful camera ever made.......

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  1. Every time I see that one I can't help laughing out l
    Thanks, every time I see that one I can't help laughing out loud...
  2. Funny how a three year old post found new life.
  3. Much like the cameras.....
  4. I always liked the looks of the early MF Rangefinder Fujis. They had a 'Russian Minimalistic' feel to them while being very pragmatic and clean. They were designed to do one thing; take astonishing high quality, 6x7 and 6x9cm images with little gadgetry. Prints from those machines were some of the best I ever printed.

    The GW690 emphasized this the best.
  5. Hasselblad SWC. Not only the best looking camera but the best camera ever made. Perfect lens, minimal mechanics, compact and easy to carry.
  6. Though I hate they way they handle, for me it's the Nikon S3, S4 or SP, in black. Second place goes to something like a black Leica of any vintage. Third to the Ansco view in brass and wood. The last two are what I actually have and enjoy using, too.
  7. I'm crazy head-over-heels in love with the prism housing on this thing.

    prism housing.JPG
  8. Either the M3 or 500CM. You can call them iconic, beautiful, or both.
    Or neither, I guess.
  9. *My* M6...


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