The most beautiful camera ever made.......

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  1. Original Rollei 35
  2. IMG_1189.jpg Those who have seen a Kodak Bantam Special know the answer.
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  3. Black Paint M4 or meter-less prism black Nikon F.
  4. The one held by an imaginative photographer.
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  5. Another vote for the Olympus OM-1......and maybe the Hasselblad 501CM as well.
  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Sony RX0
  7. They made a camera out of an avocado!

  8. Avocado, Olive.....some sort of green anyway :) Luckily, the Werra also exist in black, for those who do not like the olive. Or avocado. IMHO very pretty cameras, so I'd add my vote to the Werra. Brilliant clean design, simple and nice to use. Purely for looks, for sure my prefered camera, and good fun to take out every now and then.

    As a camera, I'd prefer a bunch of others, but I can't say I find any of those good looking devices. I can understand votes for the Leica M3/M2/M4, though. For a SLR, I kind of like the looks of my black Leica R6 (unassuming, simple) but pretty ...? Not really.
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  9. paul ron

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  10. DSC_2810.JPG

    Although I'll give the Nikon F2(pick your poison as to a plain prism or a metered prism) and the Canon original F-1 an honorable mention.
  11. 72F1original.jpg Original F1
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  12. Or one of these DSC0003811.jpg
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  13. [QUOTE="ben_hutcherson, post: 5653727, member: 2061838"[/QUOTE]
    I'll take your Hasselblad and raise you an SL66

    Who wants an F or F2 if one can have an F3:
  14. M3 the winner.
  15. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... ugly is on that camera
    like ugly on an aaaaa... let me
    rephrase that...
  16. Let me humbly suggest that for the most part what we're seeing posted is beautiful pictures of very nice cameras rather than pictures of beautiful cameras. There's some but not a lot, of out of the box thinking. When it comes down to it one SLR looks pretty much like another. Round lens, rectangular body, and a pentaprism. All black with white lettering or a mix of black and silver. More function than form, really. Where's the color? Where's the nice lines? Take the fine lighting away from Dieter's F3 pic (which hides most of the camera), and is it really that pretty? Not an attractive camera. Not to me anyway (sorry Dieter).

    I've seen some really nice looking compact cameras, and of course there's Leica. But I'd bet if beauty was the real criteria rather than how "classic" or good a camera was, we'd be seeing a lot more variety. Kudos to brett_r for whatever that thing is. Not my cup of tea, but at least whoever designed that cared a lot about how it looked.
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  17. Someone needs to post a picture of the Gold plated Alligator trimmed Pimp Pentax.......;)
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