The MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3

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  1. Hi

    you guys might be interested in this :)

    'MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3
  2. How absolutely horrifying. It will fit well beside all of those 80's radios and cd players made to look like old record players.


    jamie drouin : photographs
  3. Well I guess that gives us a good idea where LEICAS digital reserch and development budget is going. A fine reward for our support and patronagr.They can fit digital technology in a miniature but can not figure how to get it in the full size body.Yeah right. This not only sucks it blows big time. Are they going to build toys and cllectables for people with more money than brains are cameras. After more than forty year of product support I think I may have purchased the last piece of equipment they will ever see a profit from. My new motto is going to be if its not used I don't need it. The sooner they go out of business the more valuable my equipment will be.
  4. What are you guys complaining about? Everybody has been begging Leica for a digital M camera-well, here it is TA-DAA! State of the art, cutting edge 1 mp pickup as well-great for use on the web and for large 3X5 inch prints. What else could you ask for?
  5. How unutterably stupid. P.T. Barnum was right.
  6. I can't get the linked page to load, it times out after about a minute of stagnation...however I "get the picture" and what the really disgusting thing is, it might just be the closest thing to a digital M we'll ever see.
  7. ....but they'll sell lots of them and, for awhile longer, at least, keep the wolf from the door! I'm sure that within a year we'll see a black chrome version, a panda version, and a black paint edition. This doesn't even begin to cover all the commemorative possibilities! With minor modifications to the basic camera it could appear as an MP, M2 or M4. How about a purely decorative non-functional "rapid winder"? Hey, it's at least as practical as the Minox film version of the Leica!
  8. Al, the rapid winder wouldn't have to be nonfunctional. It could be a hand-cranked generator, like on those flashlights and radios they advertise for $4.00 on the tear-off flap of your credit card bill. That way,camera could work without a battery. :<)

    It *is* kind of cute, though.

    Bob Fleischman
  9. Guys, don't complain, the classic Minox series of Leica IIIf, M3, M6
    Rolleiflex 2.8, Hasselbland SWC, Contax I are very very hot sellers
    both in Europe and Japan. When the first batch of Classic IIIf was
    announced in Japan, 3000 units were sold out in a short time.
    These help the bottom line of Leica, more money for developing Ms
  10. 1.3 mega pixel in 8x11mm area is quite significant density<p>
    A 35mm frame has nearly ten times the area of Minox, a 35mm camera
    with such kind of density would be a 12.8 Megapixel digital.
  11. Are you sure this isn't a hoax? There's no mention of it on the Minox web site
  12. John Watson, vice president of Minox Historic Society hinted at a digital Minox in previous issue MHS Minox Memo; 1.3 mega pixel is close the the resolution of Minox camera, a good starting point for a digital 8x11
    This digital Minox M3 has 960 x 1260 pixel, with 3:4 aspect ratio as standard monitor screen
    3:4 = 1: 1.333 very close the 8:11 = 1:1.375
    The lens is a 10.9 mm lens, from this I expect that the real dimension of the CCD sensor must be not far off from 8x11mm, possibly even smaller. High density CCD sensor is easier to manufacture for ultra miniature camera such as Minox 8x11 then for 35mm, and may take a while before migrate to 35mm
    Anyway, Photokina is around the corner, we will soon find out.
  13. Finally, an M3 for Yoda!
  14. This IMO is a hoax, a Minox with a USB cable glued to its side by the looks of it. If it were true we'd be shown the back of the camera with the LCD screen and controls.
  15. Check the finish on these two camera's:<br><br><br><br><br>

    The 'digital M3' looks like a cheap plastic toy compared to the miniature Minox M3.
  16. <img src="">
  17. Minox digital Classic Leica M3 flyer from Photokina<p>
    <img src=""><P><P><P>
    <P> There is a small display at the back<p>
    Available October, price 299 EUR
  18. Marcus Dunkmann visited Photokina and took several digital pictures,
    including two pictures of Minox digital classic Leica M3<p>
    Here is picture of digital M3 from the back, there is a small
    display at the back

    <img src="">
  19. "Check the finish on these two camera's:

    The 'digital M3' looks like a cheap plastic toy compared to the miniature Minox M3."

    No !<p>
    The Minox Classic Classic M3 and digital Minox classic Leica M3
    are all the product of cooperation of Sharan(Japan) and Minox GmbH
    The housing of these two camera is metal
  20. It's true! The Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 is now on the Minox web site. However, it's described as a "novelty".
  21. Quality of pictures from Minox digital Leica M3 2.1 is quite good
    Unionville Main Street
    Gift shop
    photograph by Martin Tai, Leica digital M3 3.0
    [​IMG] Leica M3 digital with lens cap, photo by Gerald McMullon
    Leica M3 digital with genuine leather case, photo Gerald McMullon
    This Leica M3 digital weight only 4 oz, I am ordering a matching leather case.
    M3 digital has aluminium body, 5 element glass lens with built in filter
    Leica M3 2.1 is selling for $299 in USA, a eveready case about $169
    Note: Leica M3 2.1 was sold for only $249 a month ago, dealers have raised price on this camera due to good demand
    Usually when new model comes out, old model price drops, not the case with Leica M3 digital, older version Leica M3 1.3M is selling for $349, more expensive than newer 2.1M version.
  22. M3 digital like M3 classic is metal camera, even the lens
    cap is aluminium
  23. Leica M3 2.1 is quite versatile

    The following are sample of M3 2.1 macro photography:


    <img src="">
    <p> M3 2.1 digital + Zeiss Ikon Proxar<p>
    Picture of a Goerz Tenax folder camera<p>

    <img src=""><p> Leica IIIc and Minox IIIs<p>
    Leica M3 2.1 digital + Zeiss Ikon f=0.3M proxar <p>

    <img src=""><P>
    Stamp, Leica M3 2.1 digital + EMO Wetzlar Octoscop 4x loupe
  24. </center>center off
  25. There are two versions of M3 2.1MP, the late model has important
    improvement vs earlier model.

    Late model of M3 2.1 MP {3.0 MP software enhanced} has a ZONE FOCUSING LENS
    There are two setings:

    Infinity = focus range from 1.5m to infinity

    1.0m = focus range from 0.7m to 1.5m

    Not certain what is the serial number of the first late model M3 2.1, possibly serinal number > 8109000

    Just check the Elmar style focusing ring, if it has 1m and infinity markings, it is the late model.

    Another indication: Earlier M3 2.1 has " Minox 2.1 mega pixel" on lens
    late model has "MINOX" on lens.
  26. Minox insert sheet in late model M3 2.1 digital camera (not in early model )

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