The "Mars Flyer"

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  1. What an incredible achievement , well done NASA.
    Cannot wait to see the Photo's.
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  2. My town banned Segue scooters before they even reached the public. I suspect the Mars Copter is on their short list.
  3. This brings to mind visions of astronauts riding Segways on Mars. Segways would be a lot lighter and more compact than the Apollo astronauts' moon buggy, although rough terrain and balancing while wearing a space suit might be problems.
  4. Now that you mention it, The Segway has disappeared. Hadn't noticed but good riddance. They must have been replaced by electric bicycles.
  5. Segway to End Production of Its Original Personal Transporter

    including the text
    I like the marscopter myself. I think it's not just a trivial achievement given Mars conditions.
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  6. Rough ending for a company that had some stuff going on in its lifetime! I'm so excited about the Mars Copter. On one hand it seems similar to flying a drone- other than the average recreational drone pilot never gets too far away from his machine? I guess the military drone pilots are several thousand miles away for their flights- but MARS definitely takes it to whole other levels. Big WOW factor there, IMO, for sure.

    There are a goodly number of images + videos up on that Mars copter/NASA page. But many of them seem pretty similar. Not to diminish them in any way, as looking at photos from Mars is fantastic under any and all circumstances.

  7. Enough of the rocks, show me some little green men!
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