The lens you would pry from my dying hands.

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by james phillips, Apr 20, 2003.

  1. A recent post asked which piece of equipment you though you had
    received the best value from. Well when I was contemplating my
    response I remembered reading on Kerry Thalmann's website, how he
    described one of his lenses by stating that “you'll have to pry it
    from my cold, dead hands”.

    With this in mind I now offer which lens that I have used that I feel
    would best fit in this category and ask others to offer up their all
    time favorite.

    In my case the lens is my Schneider Super Angulon 90mm /F8 that is
    multicoated and about 20 years old. Since the first time I have used
    this lens I knew that I would never depart with it for the rest of
    time. The razor sharpness and high contrast that I obtain each time I
    use this lens has made it my favorite lens when the shot requires a
    wider view. Even as much as I love my Rodenstock Grandagon 75mm, you
    will still never see me parting with the SA 90mm.

    So which lens do you have that does it for you?
  2. 16 1/2 inch Red Dot Artar, mounted for me a year ago by the late Mr. S.K. Grimes in a new Copal 3 shutter. This is the crispest, clearest, sharpest lens in my bag. It is my favorite lens for 8x10 format, and the ever-so-slightly longer than normal focal length for this format is the one that most often fits my natural visualization. I have a 305mm Schneider G-Claron that is very nearly as pleasing to use as my 16 1/2 inch RD Artar, but I find that I reach for the Artar about twice as often as I do the G-Claron.
  3. Schneider 300mm/f:4.5 Xenar - a huge piece of glass (more than 1 kg), #5 shutter won't fit on "standard" lensboards - but put it on a 5x7" camera, and it's stunning. When I focus really, really precisely (easy at f:4.5), resolution is limited by film grain...
  4. I haven't find yet lens which is so perfect not to be sold... well, all my lenses are bought "second-hand" so will probably once go away in same way (3th-hand:))
    But, however, there are some of them which I like more than the others: in LF that will be my G-Claron 210. Sharp with rich colors (little bit warmer). In MF that will be Nikkor-H 50/3.5 for Bronica ECTL, and in leica format... one surprise: old nikkor zoom 43-86: sharp, sharp and in 86mm so thin DOF that on 1.1m only the eyes in portrait are sharp. nose and ears are blurred. and was cheap.
    Those 3 I would like to keep. If there is anyone crazy enough to pay me 3 or 4 time more than lens is actually worth, I will sell them, in other way - I don't need to (now).
  5. I would agree with Terry's original statement, which concerned the Rodenstock 150 APO-Sironar-S.
    Here is a sample image: full negative and detail section.
    In my view, this lens is so good, it's nuts.
  6. I tested the 300mm Xenar last summer: Sorry, your lens doesn't even come close. At 4km distance I could clearly see the crossbars in the windows of a farmhouse - I should be able to read a roadsign at 1km - if there had been any there.
  7. Show us the evidence ! :)
  8. Hi Ole

    If we are going more far away then my 480mm APO Ronar will blow your Xenar away also if it is a very clear day ;-)))
    In thad test size and focal lens lengs does matter ;-))
    But if I only could have one lens then it would be my f 5.6 210mm APO Symmar wich blows every thing away!
    Peace on earth!
  9. in my case it would be a tie- my 120mm F8 super angulon, and my 240mm
    F5.6 Symmar-s. Both incredible. I have to say if I could only have one
    lens it would be the 240mm. It is great on 4x5 as a "short" long focus
    lens, great as a long normal lens on 5x7 and great as a wide angle
    lens on 8x10. A very versitile lens, just as great in the studio as
    it is on location.

  10. 14" Swiss Gold Dot Dagor MC. IMHO, until you see the image made with the lens, you can only partially justify the mystique associated with the Dagor lens. This is the ultimate, best of both worlds, a silky smooth classic Dagor look with incredible flare and contrast control from multicoating. Stunning!
  11. Fax-Nikkor 160 5.6.
    My mistress since it's purchase.
    Dagor was right! The razor sharp edges did cut my hands.
  12. 19" Red Dot Artar
  13. My 420mm coated Repro Claron in Compound. I have a GD 355 Dagor on it's way to me and haven't had the pleasure yet.
  14. My favorite lens (another vote for 150 mm Apo Sironar-S) can beat up your favorite lens!
  15. My 240mm f/10 Process Nikkor. Huge coverage, nice rendition, and by far the
    sharpest LF optic I've ever used. I'll put it against any other lens any day of the week.
    Picked it up as old new stock a few years ago and had it put into a shutter by Mr
    Grimes. Fantastic.
  16. Rodenstock 150mm Geronar. Yes that's right all you APO snobs, a Geronar! I love the feel of this lens and it's very sharp. On top of this I can fold up my field camera with it in place. Next would be my Schnieder 90mm SA.
  17. My favorite is a little known Italian lens. The Bologna f8.2 185mm. It's not very sharp but in a pinch you can eat it.
  18. My SS 110XL is it for me.
  19. 300 Nikkor M. It works very well for 4x5, 5x7, 4x10 and 8x10. All around good lens, small & light as well as nice & crisp images. Even on 8x10 I have not run out of usable image circle with camera movements.
  20. 110mm Super Symmar XL.
  21. 110XL - perfect!!

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