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  1. While this thread is resurrected: Hugo Meyer was one of the few companies to "copy" the legendary Dagor lens design of C.P.Goerz. The Meyer Dagor copy goes under the un-presupposing name of "Doppel-Anastigmat" and usually doesn't fetch anywhere near the price of a Dagor.

    Just a bit of trivia for lens collectors and users of antique large-format gear.
  2. Hello Rick,

    I've been interested in a 2nd lens for my Practica LTL, and notice this lens you've highlighted is selling at reasonable price point on eB@y, at least there seem to be good quality lenses available right now... all from sources outside the U.S. however. This lens seems quite interesting, maybe it would compliment my Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar lens, suitably? BUT although I know my LTL has a screw mount, I do not know what exactly it is- seems there are at least 2 different screw mounts?

    Can you enlighten me as to what mount my LTL has, please?
    Thank you.
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  3. Ricochetrider said :
    The Prakticas in general had the M42 screw mount, later adopted by Asahi and popularised as the "Pentax screw mount". Happily, there is a huge range of older lenses available in this mount. Nice cameras, the LTL's. The much later electronic Prakticas moved to a bayonet mount, the PB, and there are not many lenses available for that system other than the original Pentacon creations. Everything you'll ever want to know about Prakticas may be found here:

    Mike's Praktica Home
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  4. Thanks Rick- Dr Mike has a nice website!

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