The Legendary Lydith; Simply Great.

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rick_drawbridge, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. I found your post doing a search for the history of this company. Thank you much for your great photos and description of the history. I picked up a Pentacon 30 a couple of years back, now running it on M43 and a Canon M50, both with focal reducers. I have grown very fond of this lens, which I picked up very reasonably (30USD) because of a bent filter ring, straightened out the ring, added a filter, since trusting the filters threads more. This lens has character, So many of the digital lenses seem antiseptic comparatively, the background blur is amazing, and the colors are great, as your photos show so nicely.
  2. Well, that's certainly unearthing a piece of ancient history, a post from the good old days. I'm pleased you enjoyed it, and that it was of some help.
  3. Harkens back to an era... both the post and the lens!!
  4. Definitely worth a resurrection.:)

    As I said the first time around, Meyer was not the "best" of the DDR lens makers, but they were willing to experiment, and came up with some wonders in their day, like their f/0.95 45mm of the middle 60s and their more recent (post VEB) Nocturnus. I don't know if these were actually sold to the public or not, however.

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