The Last Hurrah: Kodachrome 200 Free to good homes.

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by luis_g, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. After reading a post on another forum about Kodachrome (the song), I remembered that buried in the freezer in the garage was a baggie with unopened (but unboxed) in their canisters, rare K200 - 24 non-pro (ISO 200) rolls frozen since purchased. Nine rolls in all. I will not be using them before the processing ends, so here is my offer: Depending on how many people respond over a 24 hr period, I will divide the number of rolls by the number of respondents, or send 1 roll to the first nine. All for free. I'll even pay postage. The only condition is that you must shoot the film before the deadline, and if you post a scan or two on here, I won't hold it against you.
    Consider it an early Christmas present.
    I will post a response when the 24 hrs are up, & notify the recipients who can send me their snail mail addresses then.
  2. Sure, I'll take some.
  3. I'll be glad to shoot and roll and have it processed.
  4. Count me in.
  5. Count me for a roll. Thanks
  6. Awesome, if you don't mind sending Downunder I'll take a roll!
  7. yes, i'll take one
  8. Great offer Luis, thanks
  9. I should say that I can only ship within CONUS.
  10. I would love one if there are any left, and I would be happy to cover the shipping. Thanks.
  11. I'd love one please, if you have any left!
  12. I'll come in here tonight at around the 24 hr mark and announce who's getting the film. If you are not within the CONUS, please let me know so I do not have to reshuffle the list.
  13. Bummer, that counts me out
  14. and me out too, though I'd be happy to cover the shipping to the UK
  15. Hi Luis,
    I am in the CONUS. Indiana to be exact. I would love a roll. Currently I still ONLY shoot slide film. I've never had the opportunity to try out Kodachrome...ever.
    Thank you so much for offering such a valuable experience to all of us... it is very considerate of you. I hope I'm in your top nine list. :)
  16. I agree that a roll of Kodachrome is a terrible thing to waste.
    I hate to rain on your parade, but K-200 is somewhat sensitive to background radiation. The freezer wont stop the effects. The images will be extremely sharp for a 200 speed film, but they will be grainier than when the film was fresh (and K-200 was on the grainy side to begin with.) It would be fun as an experiment, but I wouldn't want new-to-Kodachrome users to be surprised by grainy pictures.
    Good luck to all of the shooters. I too will be interested to see the results. I don't need the film as I have enough K-25 and K-64 to last until December 30.
  17. If anyone wants to bow out after reading Ron's post, please let me know.
  18. OK, it's been 24 hrs., the offer is now closed. Let me see how many we have, and I'll put up the list in a little bit...
  19. I have:
    Craig Dickson.................10:29 PM
    Mike Gammill.................10:44 PM
    Eddy D...........................11:32 PM
    Somak Ray....................11:40 PM
    Bob Himmellright............12:36 AM (via email)
    Asim Raza Kahn...............2:39 AM
    James McCutchan............9:28 AM
    Dave Carroll....................10:16 AM
    Eight recipients, 9 rolls. I will offer the 9th roll first to the earliest respondent, Craig Dickson. If he doesn't want it, I'll go down the list. I need the snail mail addresses in my email for everyone on this list except Asim, who already sent his.
  20. I'm sure I can manage to shoot two rolls. Thanks! I'll send you my mailing address privately.
  21. Thank you very much Luis.
  22. So far, I have received snail-mail addresses for
    Craig Dickson
    Somak Ray
    Bob Himmellright
    Asim Raza Kahn
    James McCutchan
    Dave Carroll
    I have yet to receive snail mail adresses from:
    Mike Gammill

    Eddy D
    Please e-mail me those ASAP as I would like to do this in one fell swoop for convenience.
  23. Luis, I sent my snail mail address via email link. If you don't receive it let me know and I will try another way to send it.
  24. Wow, I feel bad I came here too late. I loved Kodachrome 200, it had terrific color balance under mixed lighting. If you have another roll, I'd love to shoot it!
  25. Mike, I got your address. The only one left is Eddy D. Eddy, as soon as yours come in, I can get everyone else's out. If your snail-mail address hasn't come in by saturday at 10:20 PM, I'll pass the roll on to someone else so I can get them all out hopefully by Monday.
  26. This afternoon I gave five rolls of Kodachrome to a friend who is also a photo.netter. I kept one roll of KM, one roll of KR and one or PKL for myself. All of the film is pretty old. Four of the rolls have been frozen for a long time and four have not. I hope we get someting useful from the film. As far as I know I don't have any other Kodachrome around. There is a lot of old E6 film in my freezer too. When I shot a roll of 1989 Fuji slide film the D-MAX was reduced but I got some usable images. I wouldn't use it for anything important.
  27. The rolls should go out today via USPS snail mail.
    Eddy D, I'm sorry, but your reply came too late, and it still didn't have your snail-mail address. I am giving that roll to someone else.
  28. The lumpy yellow envelopes are on their way. Enjoy, and if you can, put up some of the results.
  29. Thanks, Luis. I'm looking forward to taking photos with this film. I will be sure to post some results.
  30. Looking forward to shooting Kodachrome for the last time! Thanks again, Luis. I'll definitely post something.
  31. Kodachrome is now loaded in my Nikon FE and ready to go. Thanks!
  32. Luis, film arrived today. Thanks. Now to decide which camera.
  33. My Kodachromes just arrived back from Dwayne's today. I've posted a few of them here. There is also a gallery with the same pictures and a few more from the same rolls over here.
    Thanks again to Luis G for the free film and a last opportunity to shoot Kodachrome.

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