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Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by mjferron, May 29, 2018.

  1. I was a recent recipient of a free give away here so I in return am offering a free item for anyone who can put it to good use.
    My offer is a Minolta XE7 in working condition and 45mm F2 lens. Shout it out here if you can use it. Free shipping in the USA.
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  2. I could use it if not already taken - thanks!
  3. Raj, you know there is a "catch" to this free-bie offer. . . You have to post 3 pictures taken with said camera with 30 days of it falling into your hands !. . . we CMC'rs will hold you to that !!! Aloha, Bill
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  4. Hi Bill, good to hear from you. :) I have been tied up and a little absent from these pages for a few months, but hope to return more frequently.
    I will, of course, share some pics. And I also plan to reciprocate the generous gesture by offering something of my own on this thread - I just need a few days to get home and put it together.
  5. Raj PM me your mailing address and I'll send it off.
  6. Tic...Toc....Tic....
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  7. Great to see this going again. Several years back a member gave me a mint Olympus XA and a few months later I gave away a Pentax Spotmatic with Takumar 55mm f 1.8, In addition to putting useful gear in the hands of those that can use it, I enjoy seeing the pictures as well. Lately, my "give aways" have been local, but who knows, I may have something to give a away here within the next year or sooner.
  8. ok raj sent me mailing address so it is claimed.
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  9. Toc. . .Tic. .
  10. This is a great gesture! And yes, I like the requirement of having to post up some shots with the "new" gear.
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  11. Mike's Minolta XE7 arrived yesterday (thank you, Mike!!), and it is lovely.
    I'll post some pics made with it in the next week or so.
  12. I'd like to pay forward MIke's (mjferron) generosity, and offer a Canon EF camera to anyone interested (free shipping within the USA).
    The camera is in nice shape. I haven't put batteries for it (reason below), and have always used it with an external meter. The only issue: it will only fire if the switch is turned to "ON" (even without batteries, although all shutter speeds from 1/2 to 1/1000 are fully mechanical), and the switch won't stay at the "ON" position. Being clumsy, I didn't try to fix this, but just wedged a small piece of card under the switch to keep it in the "ON" position, which solves the issue and leaves the camera ready to shoot at all times (hence no batteries).
    I don't know if I still have any FD mount lenses to marry with the camera, but if I can't find one, I'll throw something else in the package.
    First person to reply gets it :)
  13. Since I've just been reading about it in response to andrew_guttry_guttmeyer's post about using his Black Beauty, I'd be interested, if you can find a lens to mount on it. If not, I'll let someone else have it. I'm pretty sure I don't have any FD lenses.
  14. Hi everyone,
    Sorry it has taken a while, but I have finally managed to put a roll through the XE7 that Mike (mjferron) kindly sent me. A lovely camera, from which a few examples are below. (Thanks again, Mike!)



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