The Great Conjunction - Jupiter/Saturn

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  1. No, the "great conjunction" is not and or or.


  2. " Screenshot_20201221-201027_Sky Map.jpg Screenshot of my SkyMap app (this is an Android App)... too cloudy in the mid Atlantic to see otherwise
  3. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    K3 64 01 - TONY0291a - Planets.jpg

    Best I could manage - taken a week ago
  4. LR-DSC07150 51-Edit.jpg
    This was taken on 12/17/2020, 4 days before the Great conjunction during a brief 15 minutes of clear cky. I was hoping for some clear skies in the following nights but we've had nothing but dense clouds so this is the best I have. Three of the moons of Jupiter are easily visible (Io was behind the planet) and one moon of Saturn (Titan I presume) can just be discerned. The conditions were far from ideal and stability was problematic too but one can see that Saturn is slightly oblate compared to Jupiter due to its rings.
  5. This was taken over the Gulf of Thailand on 21-Dec at 18:55 (GMT+7) using Ricoh GR3 50mm crop factor which makes me a little unsure it actually was the conjunction (could a 50mm lens have captured it?). The lights on the horizon are fishing boats.

  6. 2020 Dec 21 13:00UTC 13S04 80E14
    RX10 iv 600mm, f4.0, ISO 12800, 1/40 handheld shot!

  7. From last night- Orion 5" Mak with 50x eyepiece and EOS Digital Rebel T3 and 50mm lens over eyepiece.
    Jupiter and Saturn, Dec. 21, 2020

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