The feasibility of international travel with FE2/film?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by lahuasteca, Jul 4, 2020.

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    Doo or don't Doo there is no try! ;)
  2. Having something like a Nikon j5 + 10-100mm is way smaller and lighter than most camera + prime combos. If I feel the need for maybe low light aswell, I can pop the f1.8 18mm standard in my pocket. Even the 10mm wide prime is no bigger than 2 Oreos...:)

    I guess when I go walkies, I want to capture the wide open vistas AND that small bird up a tree AND that circling vulture AND that small butterfly......

    and maybe, only maybe, one of those can be done with a semi-wide prime as the only lens.

    You make it sound like a rarity rather than your usual loadout?

    Whilst I fully agree with the idea in principle, and yes, I could do it, I just don't want to! It smacks of photographic masochism.:D

    Carrying around a bag full of fast primes isn't my idea of fun either! They usually stay at home.

    However, I do sometimes go out with a single wide, fast prime on FX and a tripod for landscape and astro, but that's not my normal walkabout....;)
  3. If you have a spare $6000 (US) + plus tax and want a small camera that "does everything", there is always the new Zeiss ZX-1 with a fixed 35mm f/2 lens. .

    Shoot, Edit, and Share with the Full-Frame ZEISS ZX1

    I do NOT see myself rushing out to purchase one.

    There must be a whole lot of people running around with more money than they know what to do with - at least in the minds of the Zeiss marketing department. :)

    And someone was complaining about the Fuji camera.
  4. Zeiss having Leica-envy (again)?
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  5. Just spoke with a pro photographer friend who travels widely with large amounts of film. He tells me that he has no difficulty in getting a hand check in India and elsewhere in Asia.
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  6. You have chose wisely, at least up to this point.

    Huastec engraved shell
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  7. I've even shot basketball with a 180mm prime, and I ended up with a great variety of shots. You clearly like zooms, but I find that primes often require a bit more creativity to frame shots. It forces one to move. It does not mean that I don't use zooms, nor does it mean that I carry a bag full of primes. Maybe you should try it sometime.
  8. Nope, not going to happen willingly.

    To actively choose to go out knowing you are going to miss potentially great shots in the name of 'creativity' is just masochistic nonsense.

    I own three times as many primes as zooms, but when I go outside to explore, a single prime, esp, a wide prime, just isn't my friend.....

  9. For top walkaround convenience - for now at least - I think nothing beats something like the Sony RX100 Vii - 24-200mm with good video capability. It's not much larger than a cell phone, and it does so much more. I can transfer a photo to my cell very quickly by wifi, wherever I am.
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  10. Hmmm...

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