The Faces of London

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  1. (13 pictures)
    This is second series - the one I'm less confident about . I'd like to know what you think about them, because I'm preparing portfolio for university
  2. can't see them...
  3. Pawel. strong collection. rare lighting.
  4. Some strong and interesting personalities in there. Looks like off board flash was used in some cases? Fairly consistent look and style. Interesting work, good luck!
    What's your own take on this series? Do you have a commentary or artists statement regarding the series? Would be interested to hear it.
  5. like Steve I would also find some context interesting Pawel.
  6. nice shots. could use a theme tying them together though.
  7. I like both sets. I'm guessing flash in the first set, but not the second.

    May I most humbly suggest that the skin tones on the first and fifth in the second set are different enough from all the others that it takes a little of the feeling of continuity away. They are two of my favorites just the way they are, but may need a more 'contrasty' look to fit in with the others.
  8. Those are excellent. The two photos with lower flash exposure could be eliminated if you'd rather keep the overall tonality uniform.
    I didn't see any other particular differences between the two sets so you could combine both and pare it down to the strongest 10-12 photos, depending on whether your university portfolio needs to fit within a specific limit.
  9. Shots are good, but I don't like the way you used the flash. Too overpowering and I don't always like the "cut-out" look. I think several subjects are overexposed. Maybe that's what you were going for?
  10. What the picures are about? When i was in UK i was overwhelmed by how everything seems to be fake. I couldn't resist the impression that people rather being themselves, are trying to be advertisements of themselves - hiding weak spots, pretending to be perfect, etc. These pictures are reflection of what i felt.
    (i know this isn't very insightful, but it's not really about "changing the world", but about expressing feelings that dominated me back then)
  11. Pawel based on your last post I think you did a good affective editing job.
  12. Keep only the best, make it 12 or ten even. You have great ones and a few i would not keep...
  13. I second Leslies suggestion
  14. Pawel, I would third what Leslie and j.d. said above.
    My choices for ten would be (these are your file names, not the order in which the photos appear): 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17. If you wanted to do 12 photos, I would add 3 & 16 to the above list.
    Some of it is personal preference, but I selected those based on a.) strength and interest of subject, combined with b.) consistency and brightness of light, and c.) some inclusion of environment.
    I want to like 5, but the shadow on the center woman's chin detracts, rather than adds to the image. I'm a strong believer in making use of oddities, artifacts, and imperfections in street photography, but that one does not work that way.
    I also think your statement about people being advertisements of themselves rather than their real selves is far more insightful than you give it credit for. It's certainly nothing new, but you state it honestly for yourself and sincerity is far more important than manufacturing a dry artistic statement.
  15. Lose 2, 7, 3, 16

    Love 1, 13, 9, 11, 18

    My taste, of course. Editing is tough...
  16. Damn it, Leslie! Now I have to go back and look at 13 and 18, which I didn't include on my list.

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