The Evolution Teaser is ...well Evolving

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jason_hall|5, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. If you look back at the Canon evolution teaser, they are showing a little more of the camera. No were near enough
    to tell us a darn thing and don't bother to try and pull up the levels either. They blocked out any thing to show model,
    verticle grip, and even the lens name. This most likely means new glass, which has been expected anyway. Enjoy!
  2. For those that really care, here is the image with levels cranked up...
  3. I should give credit to "Luben Solev" at DPreview for the image above.

    My real point to this thread is to point out that Canon must be useing this as a count down. Some think at the next full moon....but who the heck really knows. Also want to point out that I am not trying to push along rumors, this, as you can see, is right from canon themselves.

  4. Ahhh... .so that's what they are doing... very clever marketing. Soooo... i'll have to be checking this out pretty often I think. Very cool.
  5. Interesting, great marketing idea.
  6. Yes, clever indeed. I want to point that is has a command dial, The "EOS" tag is located much like the 1D series cameras are, and to me it looks like the edge of the verticle grip in the lower left.

    So you decide what all that means....I have my ideas but don't want to look like I am a roumor weed.

  7. IMHO, Clever is true only if there are not so many new stuff (A900, D700) burning holes in folks pocket.
  8. Some think at the next full moon....

    The full Harvest Moon is Monday 15 September so get ready.
  9. Not quite as exciting to amateurs like me that have purchased an XT, XTi and a 40D in the past 2 years that still have the XTi and the 40D....but I still want to see what it is!

    When is the next full moon?
  10. So its not my eyes then. I had posted the same thing on the 'it wont be long now' thread...

    For those who dont see the evolution; make sure you refresh your cache (CRTL+F5 in firefox). Full moon = 15th... so we will get to see all by then.
  11. Next full moon is at Sep. 15, 5:13 a.m. EDT. It would be interesting if they somehow managed to reveal it by coming up with something that would increase the levels by like 0.1% every 15 minutes or something.
  12. >>>"It would be interesting if they somehow managed to reveal it by coming up with something that would increase the levels by like 0.1% every 15 minutes or something"<<<<

    Someone on the DPreview forum who, either knows Flash codeing rather well or is just a jerk, says that there is code that changes the amount viewable by persons location and time. Can Flash even do that? I am not buying it just yet, but I do know that how much you can see depends on the brightness of the lights in the room you are viewing your LCD monitor. I was looking at the site when the lights in my office went out due to some construction in our branch. At that point I could clearly see the "Canon" label and almost see the "EOS". I could even see the big blocked out area to hide the fact if the camera has verticle grip or not.

  13. BTW, the full moon thing is just speculation as far as I can tell.....but sound like a rather good possibility.

  14. Yes you can do that in Flash to some extent... either by loading a new image at a given time interval (requires a lot of images, but a better way of doing it.

    Or, just by changing the opacity of the current image... but I think it's the former. In fact, it would take all of maybe 20 minutes of coding if you understand actionscript. Very easy.

    The location thing is easy as well, if you understand php.
  15. Yes flash can do that. It could be done a few different ways without much coding at all.
  16. Cool, Thanks for that. I have Flash Basic 8, but have never learned to use it. What a shame.

    Anyway, "Raydee" pulled out the original JPEG from the flash file and it shows that the body does not have a verticle grip. I sort of wish it did (I know many do not for weight reasons) but it probably good that it doesn't for cost reasons. I hope the current 5D grip will work.

    Anyhow, here is the image Raydee pulled out.
  17. Sorry, here is the image
  18. looks like it's the much rumoured 5D replacement.

    Wait a minute.....
  19. I wonder how much people at Canon must be laughing by looking at this thread ... full moon, 15th Sept, 5:13 AM EDT ... they were able to successfully drive us nuts ... tell me what/when it is I implore you ... :)
  20. you guys must not know much about how to blow up a photograph and get detail. detectives on TV can take a picture of a car mirror 50 feet away and use some secret program to be able to read a page from a book in the reflection of the mirror...even if the book is a half mile away! get that program and all will be revealed....
  21. I have been looking for that know the one were the feds can ID a person from the reflection in someones eye by enlargeing and enhanceing an image. If you find it, let me know.

  22. Jason, if you use that watching software, who will watch you? And who will watch those watching you?
  23. Is Jason aiming for the David Hemmings role?
  24. I had just pulled this image and done a curve on it to post the same thing... But I don't agree with the contention that it
    won't have a vertical grip - I don't think there is enough info with the blacked out area the way it is.
  25. @ Mark U

    If you enlarge the image enough, you can actually see the moon lander!
  26. Well I reckon this thread has gone about as far as it can..... :eek:)

  27. It's not even worth figureing out at this point.... Would be ssooooo cool it was real. I know many will hate it though. Many wedding photogs love the 5D due to combination of Full Frame and smaller size.

    BTW, yes we did go to the moon.....nearly 40 years ago at that! I just wish I could afford a good enough lens to take the types of images I have in head.

  28. The image above may be a hoax. Notice that the vertical grip is completely integrated with the body like the 1D series. Good try though. ;-)
  29. "The image above may be a hoax. Notice that the vertical grip is completely integrated with the body like the 1D series. Good try though. ;-)"

    I thought so too... I just composited an image of a 5D and a 1DMkIIn. I forgot to stick the beer tap on the side though... then it's a perfect camera. Bad for the 'professional' image though (the beer tap and all)

    Would be cool IMO... especially with the expected 22mp+ and all the other goodies likely to be inside.
  30. >>>"I just wish I could afford a good enough lens to take the types of images I have in head."<<<

    Images of the moon that is.... :eek:)

  31. you guys must not know much about how to blow up a photograph and get detail. detectives on TV can take a picture of a car mirror 50 feet away and use some secret program to be able to read a page from a book in the reflection of the mirror...even if the book is a half mile away! get that program and all will be revealed....
    Perhaps it's built into the 5D II! That would really put Canon ahead of the competition. Hey, I hope this starts a rumour :)
  32. what about those two blue lines around Caonon logo?
  33. A friend of mine who knows a guy that said he had spoken to his local Canon rep explained what they are actually.
    Those two blue lines are likely to be Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors that detect interesting scenes in front of the
    camera and automatically take a shot. Naturally the camera will use the information gathered by the sensor to set
    aperture, shutter speed, ISO for best results depending on the lighting etc. etc.

    I think the photo with the integrated hand grip is a fake. My friend knows another guy who said that the 5D MkII will be
    the same size as the MkI so it fits into the supplied forehead harness without obscuring the users vision. This harness
    together with the PIR sensors this will allow for total hand and thought-free photography.

    Thanks what I head anyway...
  34. i think built in vertical grip is a possibility. why would they put a large black rectangle below the camera? if its just the model, they could have just painted it black or something... canon has not launched a camera with a vertical grip (accessory) attached to it. theyve launched the 1v, 3, 5,30, etc without one before, and so on. only the 1ds/1d series were launched with grips only because they were built in.

    a smaller type 1ds/1d body could be very interesting.
  35. Errol, my only guess as to why they would put the block there even though it does not have a verticle grip is to keep folks guessing/fighting over it. At this point no one knows if it does or if it doesn't, well not for sure anyway. I am still hopeing for two cameras. Of course if they do....they will probably put half the new features I want on one and the other half on the other camera. Oh well.

  36. @ David Bowens

    ...and we all know the Blowup was a corny movie with some terrible acting!
    But yet it still lives in my video collection.

    (Vanessa Redgrave on mj was *priceless*)

  37. That lens looks a LOT like my 16-35L... and if it is, or it's another 82mm filter-size lens, then the curve of the lens extends well below the
    camera body of a no-
    grip model. I wonder why they would block out the bottom "to keep folks guessing/fighting over it" if it wasn't true. It
    would only set us up for disappointment.
  38. The japanese version of the teaser ad is a lot clearer and doesn't show a battery grip as far as I can tell.
  39. Destined EVOLUTION. For those who plan to take their camera on upcoming sub-orbital flights.
  40. Some more....
  41. I've just seen a comment on Northlight Images about a camera feature that I had on my wish list. Variable ISO. I always thought that there must be a way to allow ISO values to be allocated on a pixel by pixel basis. Obviously, this would take some processing power and good algorithms! But it would seem that a company now has the capability to do this! Could this be a feature of the new 5D? I hope so. Taking it a little further you could effectively just say you wanted a ND filter effect and the iso would be least sensitive at the top of the scene and gaining gradually in sensitivity as you move down the frame.
    The per pixel ISO potentional is huge! Reduced/Eliminated blowouts and loss of detail!

    Just throwing this out there. Has anyone else longed for something like this?
  42. correction to the above I meant Grad filter not ND filter
  43. A lot of cameras already have this. It's called stuff like highlight recovery.
  44. The Evolution add is a little brighter today.... 9-12-2008

    I can now clearly see "Canon" on the VF bulge even with the lights on in my office.
  45. Depending on where you are on the globe will determine just how much you see. My understanding is those in Iceland can now see the entire image.
  46. I heard its just a generic outline 5d/1d just to showcase their next evolution in L glass.
    Mostly beacuse the new 5D is delayed due to certain features... After adding the AI/autophoto, the cameras turned
    on their creators and have been taking lots of pictures. (most of which show up on rumor sites)....

    Oh well so much for keeping a straight face.
    Whatever they announce it will probally leapfrog Nikon (sorry sony... have to get up there first) then a few
    months later nikon will continue the game of camera tech leapfrog.

    At least this is good for us.... unless you keep switching brands on a whim.
  47. There is so much hype around this 5D replacement... I have this gut feeling that Canon is going to disappoint everyone.
  48. maybe a new lens cap?
  49. Aaron has a good point - the camera has to be a) fantastic, and possibly more significantly b) Must come in at a price point low enough to justify the hype.

    If it's $3500 it's still a heck of a wedge to shell out for anything less than stupendous. But as long as it still has the direct print button I suppose we'll be happy ;-)

  50. I just don't know at this point what they could release that would be in the realm of possible AND satisfy the Canon users. Their problem was they took too long to release it.
  51. No Direct Print button = No sale.

    How could I live without it? I hope Canon doesn't do something stupid and replace it with a useless mirror lock-up button.
    Who needs that?!
  52. I... for one..... use the print button....


    to excersice my thumbs. Kinda wish It had a useful purpose though.

    I heard people in iceland have already had it for a few months in their stores. Well... the russians already have the Leica M9 so it only makes sense.
  53. I hear people in Iceland also have a functioning copy of Windows.

    They are SO far ahead of us...
  54. I remember when Nissan first introduced the Infinity. None of the tv commercials in the U.S. -- and there were loads of commercials -- showed the car.

    And the by the time the car was shown, and available, nearly everyone shopping in that 'segment' had already bought or committed to a Lexus.

    At least that's how I remember it. :)
  55. I imagine the dirrect print button will do double duty per the 50D (live view activation)
  56. It better be the 5D replacement or else. Nikon D700 is already available at BH. It might be cute but is irritating.
    Canon better stop toying us. If not the 5D replacement so long Canon and Nikon will gain a new customer from you.
  57. You guys remind me of my 3 year old. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" We'll get there when we get there. Don't make me pull the car over!
  58. I hear you Tony! im over it as well... I cant wait for the other brands to get their heads together and sting Canon, better for all of us then!<br>
    Arrogance by Canon leads me to recall a phrase...something about 'pride coming before a fall'..?<br>
    Sit back now and anticipate the rush of defences from those on the payroll!
  59. Yes, Sony has their full frame kit out for show...Pentax is reputedly following suite.. All this can only be good for us all
    shooters of whatever brand persuasion!
  60. Theyve really brightened it today. But I guess it still wouldnt reveal anymore in photoshop
  61. You've all got it wrong. It's the 10000D, the ultra-entry level DSLR!
  62. More evolution here:
  63. The camera they used to take that evolution picture is really crappy....

    The left side is all blown out now, and you can't even SEE the right side. HDR my ass.
  64. Does anyone else think that this adds life has gone a bit far... frankly, I'm bored of it... I checked it today, because last night was a full moon, but the steam has run out for me. I think canon had a good marketing idea, but now its just old.
  65. [[Does anyone else think that this adds life has gone a bit far... frankly, I'm bored of it... I checked it
    today, because last night was a full moon, but the steam has run out for me. I think canon had a good marketing
    idea, but now its just old.]]

    You may be shocked to find out that a good percentage of the world with internet access doesn't spend their free
    time refreshing the Canon announcements pages.
  66. A bit of an on-topic aside that relates to this whole moon teaser, interested in people's opinions, I don't mean to
    hijack from the ongoing speculation ;)
    I'm in a situation where I absolutely need to go full frame in roughly the next 4-5 weeks, work-motivated, and 5D is
    the best fit at the moment... Of course the timing is awful given this apparent impending new release. Watching this
    moon animation fade from night sky black to pitch black, however rivetting that gradually becomes, has left me a bit
    I've started settling with the fact that Canon likely won't have anything announced this week, and even if they do, fat
    chance anyone will be able to get hands on one in 3-4 weeks. Then consider that we still don't know the price of this
    new enigmatic piece of black gear...
    What's irritating is that for all this suspense, Canon is keeping simple info from us, info that may help people plan
    their next purchase, which may be a business decision to many. Instead we're sitting speculating over whether or not
    a flash file is gradually revealing something new on the web.
    If anyone knows from past experience, is there any reasonable time I could expect a price drop on the existing 5D,
    assuming Canon releases info on this new camera in the next 2 weeks? Just wondering. The solution may be to buy
    from my usual shop and arrange for some sort of price protection in the case of mark-downs in the next month or so.
    All I know is if the new model is over $3k CDN, I won't buy it anyways, if it's less than ~$2500 I'll be pretty let down
    unless I get a great deal on the 5D. One thing for sure like many folks, I've got better things to do than watch a
    teaser ad, it got old very fast.
  67. I would assume that they're going to announce whatever is coming at Photokina, which will be Sept 23 to Sept 28.
    If they do announce a new 5D, it probably won't be available within your 3-4 week window. However, it probably
    will drive down the existing 5D price, so it ain't all bad.

    In any case, who knows what might be announced by Canon or someone else? I would shelve buying decisions till
    late September. A lot of things might have changed by then.
  68. @ Mathew Rossi:

    I know exactly how you feel - I have just finished a job that I absolutely needed FF for even though I had sold all my 5D's earlier so as to avoid the financial hit when the 5DmK2 announcement comes. So I bit the bullet and bought a 5D second hand for £800 and having just finished the shoot I managed to sell it £800 on another forum immediately. So it only cost me the postage and packaging costs!

    I think that the 5D market has already taken the financial hit since every man and his dog knows that the 5D MK2 is seconds away. With that in mind I don't think that you would loose any money on a good second hand body if you bought it now and sold post 5D Mk2 announcement.

    Besides judging by the time frame of the 50D announcement and availability to market I don't think that the 5DMk2 will be available in sufficient quantities to guarantee getting one, until mid November State side. So i'd say go for a temporary 5D arrangement. I know this goes against every fibre in you, but it sounds like your choices are too limited.

    Good luck, Rod
  69. Not a bad idea Rod, I'm not too keen on buying a used body but it may be a good path. I asked a few friends if they want to sell theirs but no bites yet. Maybe I'll browse around a bit more, I just want to make sure whatever I get is mint. I'm slowly getting comfortable knowing that the 5D is an excellent camera either way, a newer version may make me jealous but I can surely do great things with the 5D. If I need it and can't wait, there's only so many options, more gear never bothered me much :)
  70. one thing I noticed was how 'old' the 5D felt to use, everything from the software to the speed and the feel...I did feel a bit like I was revisiting an old girlfriend or car that I had moved on from! (blunt analogy, I know!)

    But then you see the pictures that it can produce and all is forgiven, it may require more post-processing than most but the clarity and vibrancy of the images were just beautiful. If it turns out that I can't afford the new 5D, I too will be getting yet another mint second hand one.

    regards, Rod
  71. That's the Canon 50Da for Astrophotography.
  72. Can the FAKE 5D2 images above at least be removed? Thanks. Seems to be as misleading as anything that ever gets posted here as a non answer. Muy Gracias.
  73. I think we need a "5D Mach II" image :)
  74. Have you guys seen this:
  75. Well given the source/location it seems real enough. Even though it doesn't expose much more about the camera, it tells me two things. 1, I wouldn't be able to share the multiple existing battery packs I already have with multiple camera bodies, and 2. It has video mode, which seems like something I don't need on a DSLR. Found another article: Quick Control Screen
  76. Looks like $2699 available December. Does anyone think it's peculiar that Samsung offerered to buy Sandisk today at a major premium on their shares? Sandisk has that groovy new 32GB CF card, which would work well with video, no?
  77. That screen looks no bigger than the current 5D esp as the body is described as the first compact full frame.
  78. 21 Mpixels :) and video :) so many ppl gonna be disapointed ;-)
  79. It is a high res 3-inch LCD screen, much better than the 5D's. I can hardly wait to own one.

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