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  1. I just recently upgraded from a Canon 60D to the 80D, and along the way, decided to sell my 35-350mm f3.5-5.6 L for the 28-300mm iteration, partly for the fact the latter lens offers a bit wider short end for my 1.6x sensor, but mainly because it offers image stabilization.

    Now (after the fact of course) I notice Canon has the 6D MkII on the street, and now it seems Canon is "getting with the program" and offering in-camera image stabilization. Price-wise the two are still a bit distant (~$1000 approximately) but between the horse trading I did to get the 80D and the 28-300, I think had I to do it again I would have opted to keep the 35-350 and just buy the 6D MkII.

    Well I don't want to back track now...I do like the 80D but the appeal of a full-frame sensor AND in-camera IS in a body that is very close to being in financial reach is almost unbearable. Add to this the 6D offers the same multi-articulating LCD viewfinder I originally bought the 60D for.

    So for you Canon aficionados...what are your thoughts here? Canon seems to be merging all the desirable features of their mid-range line with professional level, full frame bodies, and the in-camera IS would seem to make the future of lens based IS completely moot. But I suppose until they can squeeze IS into the xxD and Rebel series such lenses might still proliferate...
  2. The 6DII does not have IBIS and neither does any Canon DSLR. It is possible that it has electronic IS for video only (whatever that is).
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    What in Camera Stabilization? I agree with Ken's comment.

  4. Me too.
    I fear we 'll have to wait at least for a 5d Mk V and more likely for a Mk VI till we 'll maybe see IBIS offered for stills. From my limited understanding of MFT reviews it will be nice to have combined with IS lenses. Since you fancy the really long glass: OIS doesn't work that well with it. The optical lever of a long lens tends to demand more sensor movement than an average OIS sensor can perform.
  5. Wow did I misread the specs. Yes you are correct. This is what I read and misinterpreted: "For multimedia creation, the 6D Mark II comes equipped with powerful Full HD video recording options. The 6D Mark II offers improved speed with a maximum frame rate of 60p when capturing Full HD video. It also offers Digital IS with 5-axis image stabilization to minimize the appearance of camera shake for sharper handheld shooting."

    I feel a little better now as to the IS aspect anyway. Thanks everyone.

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  6. I'll be majorly screwed up when I decide to replace my trusty old 7D classic. I've had it for 7.5 years and it works pretty well. Only 21,000 images thru it though. I wants stabilization and GPS and WiFi in my next body. I have all L lenses except for my awesome 85 mm 1.8.
  7. I've never owned Canon full frame digital. My Canon digital SLR progression went 20D > 50D > 60D and now 80D.

    When prices between full frame and APS-C were separated by several thousand dollars it was a budget only allowed for the APS-C. Now Canon is putting full frame sensors in camera bodies with the price difference shaved to near or below $1000. And they're finally putting the multi-articulating LCD viewfinder on those full frame bodies (that multi-articulating screen is versatility gold).

    So once the affair with this 80D is over my next SLR body will definitely be full frame :)

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