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Discussion in 'Education' started by matthew_bowling, May 16, 2012.

  1. Does ANYONE have any advise on how to pay for college courses? On-campus or online it really doesn't much matter to me. I've run into a brick wall here and I am asking for some help. Are there any scholarships/grants out there?
  2. A legitimate college should be able to assist you with financial aid and any questions you have. There are Pell Grants for lower income, I believe, which isn't very much money, and student loans are usually pretty easy to get.
  3. The only caveat I would give you is to get as much 'free' (grants and scholarships) money as you can get and minimize loans. Because coming out college/school with a lot of debt in a field such as photography, I imagine, would be pretty intimidating.
    I second the idea of talking to the school's financial aid dept, their main goal is to get students into their school.
    You could start by looking at the Federal Student Aid website and start by filling out the fafsa form. This is the essential piece of documentation you will need for any financial aid at any United States place of higher learning.
    Hope this helps.

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