The best camera is the one you have with you

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  1. The local Juvenile lockup is one of my computer clients. I do take my D300 with 17 - 55 f/2.8 in with me when I go in to work. Due to the nature of the facility you have to get through a bunch of locked doors to go from point A to point B. Just not conducive to lugging around a DSLR. My phone is in my pocket when I'm working there, even though the signal is non-existent in many parts of the facility. But, it's camera works everywhere.
    I'm one of the rare folks with a Windows Phone. This was taken with my 1st gen Samsung Focus. With SkyDrive set up on my phone and my laptop, all pictures taken with the phone are automatically uploaded to my SkyDrive account and are available in my SkyDrive favorites folder on my laptop within several minutes.
    The laptop on the chair is the web server I set up for
  2. Amen! You can't be a photographer unless you have a camera with you! Even in cases where I can't or don't have a camera I will "take a picture with my eyes" and remember it. It's amazing to me. I have an average or maybe even below average memory for most things but I have a fairly large "collection" of mental photographs.
  3. I'm really surprised you're allowed to enter a place like that with a camera of any sort, unless you're there specifically to take pictures. Don't they make you sign security contracts and NDAs? I've worked in places with much lower security requirements, where possession of a camera on the premises gets you kicked out in no uncertain terms!
    To be fair though, it's never actually happened to me...
  4. H.P. - The rule I follow is I can't have the kids' faces in any picture. There were a couple 12 year olds incarcerated the last time I was there. The youngest have been 11 years old. These kids were convicted, by a judge, of a felony. This facility is not the short-term detention center. It's for kids sentenced for up to a year. No security contract or NDA. I did learn to leave my pocket knife in my car.
    I am on the county's approved vendor list and work in the courthouse, the EMA/Homeland Security office, the County Bd of Developmental Disabilities office and sheltered workshop, etc.

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