The Best Affordable 4x5 neg. Scanner under 1000$

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by mad|1, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hi,
    I'm thinking of buying a scanner to scan my 4x5 transparencies. I
    found two different one, of two different brand and I was wondering
    wich one offer the best quality ratio... here are these two babies:

    Thanks for your advice!
    Marc-Andre Dumas
  2. I think this one would be worth waiting on.
  3. Both will do a good job. Epson is coming out with a new one in March that has 6800 dpi optical scan and has wet mounting capabilities. Yhis is what makes the high end drum scanners sp good, btw. Priced at around $800.00 U.S. Called the 750 M. There are other posts about it.
  4. Excuse my typo's....V700 and V750 M.
  5. I just got an Epson 4990. At 2400dpi I was getting 500MB files that produced very nice 16by20 prints. It takes some work to get detail out of the shadows, dust is always a problem, and more often than wanted newton rings. After looking into the options for under $1000 I am packing up the Epson 4990 and sending it back. I am going to wait until May when the new Epson Perfection V750 Pro ($799) is out.
  6. I just bought a refurbed epson 4870 from epsons website for $199. with free shipping. I was looking really hard at the 4990. but the price was right, and I'm tight with cash.
  7. Have a look at Canon's 4800dpi flatbed offering (9900F - I think). From past experience, Canon's film/flatbed scanners are noticeably sharper than the Epson equivalent.

    Also, Epson have a rather weird-looking filmscanner on the market, the F-3200, that scans up to 5x4 at 3200dpi.

  8. My canon flatbed is the model 9950F, and it's very good, but the Canon software is weak. I got Silverfast AI for it, and that made a big improvement.

    I want to know more about that Epson F-3200 scanner. It's not sold at B&H, so is it only sold in the UK? Why? Was it not successful? Something wrong wtih it?
  9. This is Fantastic that some Guys/Girls like you tokk the time to read and to answer this post... The V750M pro is my way to go... Without you people, I was going to buy the 4990 that is probably over-priced in front of the v750m pro! Nice deal!!! Waiting my Taxe refound (or taxe income?!) (Retour d'impot in french) And I run to the store to buy it!!! hehehe, I'll be really happy to re-use my old, dusty, classic but so funny Graflex SpeedGraphic!! Thx!
    Marc-Andre Dumas
  10. I read this thread with high interest.

    I considered buying a used drum-scanner occasionally, but was always uneasy about it, considering possible damages or maintainance costs...

    I have the Nikon Coolscan 9000ED, which is great for my quite large number of 24x36mm and 6x6cm negatives, and my way to digital high-quality color images is the 6x9cm holder on the Sinar.

    But the idea of being able to make good scans from 4x5 and 8x10 inch negatives and dias is still of great appeal for me.

    And because I need a new flatbed-scanner of quality anyway you made me longing for the Epson v750m pro.

    I hope very much someone will share his first impressions!
  11. I was going to buy a 4990 until I compared its output with a Microtek i900.
    My i900 scans 4x5, and other sizes, without the interference of glass. it is much sharper and will read a higher density than the 4990, or any Epson scanner I have seen.
  12. Wait for the new one, it'll be worth it.

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