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  1. My family did a 8 day trip in Reno/Tahoe area around the borders of California and Nevada. We are all beginner skier and have lesson on the first day in Mt. Rose and we later venture to a different resort in northern Tahoe area called Incline Village with Diamond Peak. All the time that I am on the slope, I was thinking of how much fun that Matt has with his family in Colorado. Darn the ski lift and the rental. It is quite outrageous in all the first time lesson, ski lift and rentals. But the fun is almost like priceless and the smile and fear seen in my wife's eyes and my two boys pay it back 10 times. I have never seen my tough wife be so scared and I can actually ask approval for a Pentax 645D if I want to go that route in begging for approval of anything moments.

    My camera choice in the ski trip is kind of odd. I don't want my fall-off to kill my K-5 or my standard traveling camera with nex 5N. And my Sony A7 is weather proof but I don't want to damage it in the first month. So I wise up to use a point & shoot light camera and it is actually my Fuji HS50 that goes with 24mm to 1000mm. It turns out great but I do have lots of gripes on picture quality once it get darker. But the camera is like dSLR in size and it will be more fun if it is like a Pentax Q or Pentax Q7 or the latest Panasonic GM1
    Californians are strangers to snow except ski resort areas. Riding tram to Diamond Peak resort, North Lake Tahoe in a distance

    Californians hardly see snow and the ski resorts are the place to visit. Love the ski boot color

    My younger boy was in little children training session. He does great in beginner slope but prefers to go straight down instead going the S route to get better control. I took him to a trail called Lakeview not knowing what it was until we saw the beginner slope was closed due to lack of snow. Down we went the penguin trail supposed for Intermediate and we were totally not ready for it the first time. We made it down in one piece but full of snow in our boots and gloves because of the fallings that beginners had to go through in training.

    Mt. Rose has great instructor for kids, I wish I can join that program back I was in my boy's age. Skiing is so much fun that I don't know what the heck that I don't do it sooner. I should trade some of my gear obsession to ski equipments and save for more joyful opportunities for skiing with family for total fun dedicated to family outdoor activity in the winter -- a big dream of mine getting strong influence from MattB


    All are shot with Fuji HS50 in the longer focal length in 600mm to 1000mm as I am so far away as in over 1000 feet from the slope standing in the lodge restaurant area.
  2. [​IMG]
    My tough wife down the baby slope and she has refused even to go to the beginner slope. My wife is much more athletic than me and I am very surprised that fear get in the way to find the tremendous fun in skiing. I hope more time on the slope will someday convince her to let go of the fear on the slope and enjoy the pure fun in skiing and the breathing the thin air in the slope along with sheer beauty of white snow and mountains.

    My older boy does the best in skiing. The two met up for a lunch plan.


    When the instructor makes the move to go backward or sideway in helping the kids down the slope, it is just beautiful to watch the skiing maneuver.
  3. Hin, it's good that you're part of the 1% because you've just chosen another very expensive hobby! Also, helmets should be worn by adults, too. Hard packed snow is no joke when when hit by a skull.

    Have fun!
  4. @Howard, it is better to diversify the hobbies into different branches as I spent way above anything in my family on photo gear -- it is a shame how many cameras that I have and insanely how many wonderful lenses that I am so much blessed in the hobby. In ski trip, I don't think of pictures at all but my focus is on my family and how to survive from not falling. It is a great full day outdoor activity that is challenging, fun and rewarding to concur one's fear of unknown. Had I known that I have the guts to do this, I would have traded half of my gear for yearly pass to those expensive ski resorts. I wonder if I can visit Matt in Colorado or some other cheaper places for the ski enjoyment. Next visit to New Zealand, I will definitely head for the cold mountain for skiing if weather permits. California ski resorts are way overcrowded and utterly expensive with $89 just for a full day ski lift. The money that I spent on the 8 days adds up to 2 pentax K-3 -- ouch but no regrets as I don't think family time is replaceable by any means of tangible objects.

    I wish the next version of Pentax Q come out with yet a bigger sensor like a 1" and that will be threshold that I will consider for a pocket-able kit in the skiing venture. For now, I compromise the big and bulky size of my bridge camera with Fuji HS50 Exr.
    My younger boy in tubing session, fuji hs50
  5. Hin, glad you and your family enjoyed the slopes. Yes, some activities cost as much as possessions, but life is short and time spent outdoors is priceless. I don't downhill ski, but love X Country and snow shoeing. Hope you get to do more skiing. Also, it's none too cheap downhill skiing anywhere. A lot of resorts in the northeast also charge $89 a day.
  6. Bob, thanks for your inputs. My older boy was paying attention to the badges carried by a lot of skiers in the two resorts and they seem to buy their tickets online with and some online prices have really good discounts as in 10 to 30% in weekdays in the two resorts that we visit. We will try it next time online to save. The other cost are the rental equipments and I think my wife will rather splurge for the equipments instead of another lens or camera from his irrational hubby without a sense of Want and Need.
    For all of you who go out and enjoy the outdoors, bravos to all of you. I love camping and I did take my two boys for their first camping around late summer in 2013 and it was one of the most memorable outdoor time we spend but the ski trip top over the camping not because of the expenses but because of the challenge that we all love to face in the slopes. In hiking in the mountains, my wife and I enjoy the most but my two wimpy boys can be annoying when they get bored with the hiking. As for me, there is nothing like turning off the camp fire and cuddle up to find a open field and look up into the heavenly sky full of wonders. All the appreciation of the life can make a connection right with the natural environment that we live in, if only we manage to find time.
  7. Nice photos of family fun, Hin! Tubing would be about my speed.
  8. Hey that's great Hin! Glad you had fun skiing. If your boys continue they will be life-long skiers like my brother and I are.
    There are definitely cheaper ways to ski, sometimes at smaller resorts, and with wholesalers like Liftopia (who I helped develop their interface with my company's ticketing system). Also cross country (XC) can be a lot of fun and less expensive as well as less intimidating for some. I love it all and first skied at 6. My parents are from Australia before we moved to USA and they didn't ski until they were adults. They never really took to it and my brother and I never stopped! I can make it affordable by living here but we make lots of sacrifices for this lifestyle. Still worth it, I think!
    If you do ever ski Crested Butte let me know and I'll show you around the mountain. It's fun and very photogenic!
  9. I skied Silverton Mountain on Saturday. It was a Christmas gift from my wife. That mountain is 100% double black diamond so it's not quite the same experience you had. That place is no-frills and is only about skiing. You have to bring your own food and either eat it in a yurt or in your car. Avalanche gear is required and there is only one lift and lots of terrain you have to hike to from the top of the lift.
    My son got a GoPro camera for Christmas so he sent me with it to get some video so he can see what it looks like. It was a very cold and stormy day but I managed to get enough footage to put this little video together. My son liked it and wants to ski there now!
    Soundtrack by Primus
  10. @Matt, that is scary and what a challenge to sky in falling snow and cloudy sky. That is the inspiration that my family can draw from. I am proud to have friends skiing in double black diamond. The GoPro is an amazing gadget. Thank you so much for the inspiration -- jaw dropping.

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