The beauty of Minox 35's

Discussion in 'Minox' started by ginon_lee, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. Hello.

    I'd like to ask Martin and everyone who loves Minox.

    I own a Minox GT and it's my favourite camera amongst all the cameras I have.

    It might sound odd but I am gonna ask you anyway.

    I love Minox 35's but I can never convince myself WHY I love it.
    Is it the design of the camera?, outcome of the pictures? Colour of the prints?,
    being renown for its "Spy Camera Heritage"? or because you have to guess the
    distance everytime you take a shot? :)

    I just love my Minox GT :)

    Another thing is that does anyone know if there is a compact hand-held device
    which could measure distance? I'm just so bad with guessing distances.

    Have a nice day!!

  2. "(D)oes anyone know if there is a compact hand-held device which could measure distance?" Go to @bay and enter "shoe mount rangefinder"- many old rangefinders can be purchased quite cheaply.
  3. Ginon, these day there are many digital cameras about the size of a Minox GT, but when I pick up one such digital at camera store, the number of buttons on everyone of them bogles my mind, I cannot quick figure out which button to push in order to turn on the battery!. I like the Minox 35mm compact, not only for its lightweight, but also due to its simplicity.
    Minox GT-E
    The design of Minox 35mm series contains many subtle features from historic classical cameras: the retractable lens originated from the Leica I, and the barn door refers back to the folding bellow camera of the 20s. [​IMG]
    Goerz Tenax folder
    For you second question, a compact rangefinder. You can buy one on ebay as Eric indicated.
    Or you can make full use of your own built in rangefinder, that is your eyes: see How to Make a Rangefinder with your eyes
  4. My 35 GL has been dropped numerous times and keeps on "ticking". Try that with the digis. Don't forget the silent operation, outstanding optics, tiny form factor, 35mm format (many more pixies than a P&S digi), numerous film choices, etc, etc. Learning to zone focus/set aperture is trivial compared to all the advantages. Regards.
  5. [​IMG]
    The flag ship of Minox 35
    Titanium coated Minox M.D.C
  6. some people collect string, or aluminum foil. I just love the Kiev 35A "versions" of these.
  7. Hi. With everyone's help I've found a range finder here in New Zealand through an auction site. The range finder's called "Medis".
    I hope it works OK.

    By the way, English is not my first language and I couldn't really figure out what it ment by Ken Jeanette, STRING/ALUMINIUM.

    Regards to everyone.
  8. I agree with Martin on the beauty of simplicity! When the first EL came out I traded my Rollei 35 in for it and never looked back! It still works great. My second best reason is "quiet" and 3rd best reason it that it fits in my pants pocket easily. When I carry only my LX, people think I'm just happy to see them! ;-)
  9. Let's not forget the good and fast lens, the reasonably accurate exposure meter and the durability, evidenced by many 10-20 year old cameras that are still working great. And the battery seems to last a lifetime. It is a great design, pure and simple.
  10. The proof of a great design is indicated by the number of copy and immitation, to name a few, Contax T, Contax TVS 3, Voigtlander, Kiev
  11. There's a link to an old thread which Martin Tai responded to with this idea for a paper rangefinder. I've tried something similar to this for my Olympus Pen D, and it works fine.

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