The A-1 and the Kiron 105mm Macro Lens - Results!

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  1. A few threads back on the Favorite FD shot of the Month-Sept thread, I posted a close up shot that raised some questions from a forum member. The question was for more information about the lens and a request to see some other pictures. So here is the rig I used last weekend and some other pictures from that same afternoon hike.
  2. The Kiron 105mm f/2.8 Macro Lens is one of the finest ever made. I tested it carefully against two samples of Canon 100mm f/4 macros and while close, the Kiron had the best sharpness, bokeh, contrast and overall build quality. The Canon's were fine optics but I just preferred the Kiron. It's a hefty beast in the hand and no lightweight. You can feel the build quality in the ultra smooth and precise focusing action. It goes to 1:1 with no additional tubes. Wide open to f/4 its good but from f/5.6 to f/16 it's simply stunning. It has it's own pull out hood which is a nice touch. The Bokeh is very smooth and creamy. If you find one of these in good shape get it and never sell it! It also is available in other camera mounts as well. The is the same exact optic marketed as the "Lester Dine" macro lens.
    On last weeks hike I wanted to have a lighter set up so I used the A-1. I generally use this on a tripod with the F-1 and MLU. That way you really get the most from it. On this hike I just used a mono pod and, on some shots, hand held. Film is Fuji Superia 400. Here are the shots.
  3. Oops here's #6
  4. Last One- At the wider apertures, this is a great portrait lens yeilding smooth tones and very nice soft backgrounds. The Kiron is one of my favorite lenses. I hope this helped Kayam and others learn more about it. Cheers!
  5. Louis - many, many thanks! I love these shots, particularly no. 2 and no. 6. I've been looking at several pictures by the Kiron over the last few hours, ever since you posted the other one in the Favorite of the Month thread. I'm very seriously thinking of getting one of these, or perhaps the Vivitar Series 1 90 mm f2.5.
    Thanks also for the encouragement to post up my pics - will do so. Trust me, I'm not shy!
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    Oh so nice
  7. Awesome Louis, no. 2 is a great shot.
  8. Beautiful work!
  9. This lens was also sold as the Vivitar 100/2.8. I have two of them in Canon FD mount. I haven't tested them directly against the 100/4 New FD. If I know I might need to get to 1:1 I will use the 100/2.8. If I don't think I will need to get that close I'll use the 90/2.5 Vivitar Series 1. The 100/2.8 Vivitar macro is newer than the 90/2.5 series 1 so it probably has slightly better coating.
  10. I'm not a macro guy, but this is nice work.
  11. Louis,
    It is nice work indeed. Your technique and lighting are better than the lens. Very pleasing images.
  12. Beautiful pictures indeed.
  13. Lovely Louis!!!
  14. Thank you all for the very kind responses and feedback.

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