That famous photo of the Sears store in Mountain View

Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by Karim Ghantous, Aug 9, 2022.

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  1. It was taken in 1990. It's a pretty famous image, and I'm sure many of you have seen it many times before. And I found it on Flickr. The photographer is Ian Abbott. He has made a 16Mpx file available to download for personal use, which I will be using to make a print for my wall. I just love this photo that much.

    Oh, and this is one from earlier in the evening:

    The only sad thing is that the building was demolished. That's a cultural crime, IMO.
  2. I like this very much.
    I can sympathise with your feelings about demolition , here in my country demolishing "historic" sites is the order of the day , never to be replaced , sadly this is all politically motivated , "old" photographs (wherever they are) , are now the only records remaining.
    But so it goes.
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  3. Never seen it before. Why is it "famous"?
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  4. I grew up in nearby Los Altos and shopped at this store many times. I purchased, with some parental help, my first form of transportation, a Sears rebranded Vespa motor scooter in this same store in 1959. So the image brings to my mind nostalgia for how the area once was back in the fifties and sixties. I think that it is a good photograph (I like the colors), but I do not see it as any great contribution to photographic art. Perhaps it fits in with Tom Kondrat's post below?
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  5. I remember that store! Maybe the first store I remember. I don't think I have any pictures of it, though.

    We moved near there when I was four, and much for a brand new house came from that store.

    When my dad started building our sprinkler system, I got interested in plumbing, and would vist
    the plumbing department of that store. Stories are that 5-year old me would give suggestions
    to other customers.

    And I almost remember Sears branded Dynachrome film that my dad was interested in buying.

    Oh, also, the memorial for the origin of Silicon valley is in the shopping center where the
    store used to be. Shockley's grandmother lived near there, which is the reason that Fairchild
    semiconductor started there.
  6. I like them but not sure they're famous.. FYI; and not to be a total jerk, but I believe you aren't suppose to post images here that you didn't take yourself. I believe you are supposed to post a link to the image, not the image itself. Just say'n.
  7. I posted links to the original images on Flickr. And yes we are allowed to post URLs. And we are also allowed to repost other users' images for the purpose of constructive criticism.
  8. On my browser I don't see links of the Sears pics, just the photos. My post said links which are URLs. Not a big deal Karim. I believe there is a forum faq somewhere that provides the guidelines.
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  9. I guess the TV antenna on the roof was connected to all the TVs for sale in the showroom. I lot of things have changed in thirty years.

    Aesthetically, blocking the flag removes an important aspect of the photo of place and would have made the image a lot better if shown.
  10. Pics, instead of links indeed. URLs packaged in img-tags aren't links, but a republication of the images in a new context. Even when the images still reside on the original (?) site. The terms of use say nothing about deep linking. It is not against the law too. But i don't think it is good practice. It is a big deal.
  11. Forum Posting Guidelines, Item #3:

    Any image you post should be your own work. If you want to reference an image shot by someone else, please link to it rather than post the image itself.


    Pretty straightforward.
  12. Yep. Although it seems that this document not been updated for a while.
  13. I did notice the TV antenna.

    I remember watching Batman on the color TVs in the store, when we only had black and white TVs.

    Remember Mr. Freeze, and the rooms turn blue when they are frozen, but only in color.

    Otherwise, not so far down the street is Rickey's, I believe originally not Hyatt, it was later.
    Rickey's had a really tall sign, but then Palo Alto made a law against signs that tall.
    So they took down the sign, and put up a TV antenna. No law against that.

    Last I knew the antenna was still there.
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  14. (Ex-)LA and other nostalic US (and other) citizens, enjoy!

    As a European, this photo is neither famous nor photographically so special. I do like it though!
  15. One of those khunts bankrolling Putin, eh?
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    Note: It is against the rules to post photos you have not taken.
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