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  1. It's been a while since I've visited the forum here, but I still get plenty of visits to my site from previous posts I've shared here, which tells me the community is still alive and vibrant as ever- which is so good to know because this forum is a wealth of public knowledge! I'm confident that any wedding photography related question can probably be answered with 10 different posts by simply using the search box on this forum- and it's all free and publicly available- the best kind of resource there is.
    As I look back on 5 years of being in business as a full time photographer, I can absolutely say that was an integral part of my success. I had tons of questions in my first two years of business, which is where was always there for me. I had to start my business in three different markets (Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts), and was able to provide me with real people connections in my local community which helped make my transitions much less difficult. The public format and google-ability of meant that photographers were always accountable to their answers and provided thoughtful responses, as opposed to some private forums where people can unleash on others thinking it will never come back to bite them.
    After experiencing some private forums, I can honestly say, you aren't missing a thing. Oh wait, yes you are- you're missing the catty bitterness that comes with a pay-wall and community of people who are wasting their time barking at others instead of working on their own businesses. Thank you for never becoming that.
    I had to take a break from sharing here in order to really dig in and focus on my business during the multiple transitions to different states and the shifting uncertainties of the reception, but I'm happy to say that I now have a business with plenty of resources that allows me the time and freedom to do what I love and give back to others again. I hope to visit here more often and share as much as others have shared with me. ;-)
    PS. I can't believe some of the photos I uploaded to this account!! My how things have changed!!
  2. Your portfolio has greater than 5 images even though you are not a subscriber here. Were you a subscriber in the past? Or was there no photo limit in the past? Just curious.
  3. Hi Anne. Nice to have you back. I've referred lots of people to your 'classic' thread on advertising, which is still pertinent today. Glad to see you are doing well and I look forward to your contributions.
  4. Hi Nish- I believe I may have been a subscriber at one time, but it might have also been unlimited when I originally signed on. ;-)
    Nadine- bless you for continuing to be the lifeblood of this forum. I think owes a great deal of success to your regular participation and guidance. I take that back... I think the ENTIRE wedding photography industry owes a great deal to you for your mentorship of new photographers!!!
  5. Just realized I said "reception" instead of recession!! HA!! What a typical freudian slip for a wedding photographer!!
  6. Hi Anne! *Colleen waves from a far away land many years ago...*
  7. Hi Anne,
    Glad you're well and back to contribute. Seems that I am able to join in more at some times than others, but I do have a sort of special place for in my various pursuits.
    +++ Thanks Nadine for keeping us all on track too. You really work behind this forum to keep it "clean" and well focused.
  8. Merry Christmas Anne!
    Happy new year!
    Thank you Nadine.
  9. Hi Anne, I really enjoyed watching you and your business develop years ago. I've referenced your album thread and the associated blog information several times. Also, thank you for the scriptina font info, it's still a personal favorite.
    P-net does have a wealth of information but to be honest, lately it seems that there has been many more takers instead of givers....I've reached a personal burn-out point, it's good to see you back.
    Hi Colleen :) ......waves from not that far away or long ago.
  10. @ David Schilling --
    I, unfortunately, agree that recently there seems to be more takers than givers recently. I reached my burnout point about 2 months ago, but after a few months I'm back to full steam. Hopefully some of the regular contributors will take my advise:
    Take a break from when you get burnt out...I needed it, and recently realized that I missed contributing to the community.
    Glad to you back, Anne...I've read many of your threads and can say that I've definitely benefited from them.
  11. Hi David!!! :)
  12. Wonderful Thread!

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