Textured Fine-Art Prints for Head-shots vs Xerox Copiers

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by macintosh_smith, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I recently met a Photographer who suggested that I try using fine-art prints for my promotional head-shot printing. These prints are freebies that I intend to offer in order to market my work. This Photographer explained that textured fine-art prints, even sized at 8x10 inches, can not be reproduced using color xerox machines; or those self-service consumer level photo reproduction equipment that is found in popular retail stores.

    I'm hoping someone on this forum could testify to this claim. And possibly suggest a paper type or brand that serves best for obstructing unauthorized copying. As a practice I always stamp "© All Rights Reserved" on the back of my prints and my name with the © symbol unobtrusively on the lower right corner of each print.

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