Textured Fine-Art Prints for Head-shots vs Xerox Copiers

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  1. I recently met a Photographer who suggested that I try using fine-art prints for my promotional head-shot printing. These prints are freebies that I intend to offer in order to market my work. This Photographer explained that textured fine-art prints, even sized at 8x10 inches, can not be reproduced using color xerox machines; or those self-service consumer level photo reproduction equipment that is found in popular retail stores.

    I'm hoping someone on this forum could testify to this claim. And possibly suggest a paper type or brand that serves best for obstructing unauthorized copying. As a practice I always stamp "© All Rights Reserved" on the back of my prints and my name with the © symbol unobtrusively on the lower right corner of each print.
  2. You can scan photos made on such paper and dealiase. They were a protection in times when photography was silver based.
  3. Color Xerox machines are not generally meant for photograph copying, though they are pretty good.

    Retail store machines, or home scanners, do a good job of copying, probably good enough.

    A more textured paper will make it more difficult to scan or copy.

    If you really want no copying, put some words across the image in big letters.
    That distracts from the image, but usually viewers can still tell the quality well enough.
  4. I love it when someone likes my photos enough to copy or steal them! They.re only getting a copy, it won't have the same detail or feel as the original unless they have the negative. And they don't :]
  5. Copying methods now are better than not so many years ago.
    But still not as good as the original.

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