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  1. Hey all,

    I just found out I'll be going to TX over Easter weekend for about a
    week and from what I've read so far it seems like the wildflowers
    there should be in full bloom. So you can probably see where this is
    headed. I'll be staying in SA and was wondering if there's anything
    near by that would make some nice photo ops. I'd rather not drive
    aimlessly hoping to come across shots, but be more focused and make
    the most of my time there. Areas that would include cattle, fences,
    railroad tracks, etc would be great as I find they're kinda like kids
    in a photo you just have trouble going wrong with it and well my
    photos need all the help they can get.

    Thanks for your time.

    Oh one last thing any nice quaint little towns around there or
    districts in SA that aren't so touristy like the riverwalk? I guess
    I'm looking for something far removed from anything tourist related
    and just normal everyday people. I'd like to work on a photo story
    for a day or two on just one town or area of town.

    Ok I'll shut up now.
    Thanks again.
  2. Visit the missions. All are very photogenic, but massion San Jose is the biggest. It offers an arch line walkway that is beautiful to shoot. I also like mission COnception with it's domed roof and art work.
  3. The Carmelite convent is very nice, it overlooks much of the city. Also try La Marketa (The market) Its a big open air market by the alamodome, its where the normal popluation of San Antonio goes for fun. Look up the resturant "Margueritas", its in that general vacinity. Or try the area surrounding the Alamo, in some places it is very quiet-downtownish.
  4. I am currently stationed in SA (Army) and I ride motorcycles throughout the hill country all the time. Going by what you said I am thinking you need to venture out to two towns called Leakey and Vanderpool. There is a road that connects the two called Ranch Road 337. Between SA city limits and Leakey/Vanderpool you are bound to find anything and everything that there is to photo here in South Texas, aside from the Missions which are great too.

    Let me know if you would like direct point a to point b directions or directions that will be a bit out of the way but more scenic. Also, about how far out of the city limits are you wanting to drive mileage wise, as Leakey/Vanderpool are a bit out there.

  5. Sounds great, I was there last year at that time. Check to see if the festival "A Night In Old San Antionio" is going on, it was when we were there and will be productive both photographically and culinarilly (if that is a word)! One town you might want to check out is Gruene (pronounced Green) which is fairly close, towards Austin (another great place to spend a week). Gruene has an old dance hall that's open during the day as a bar. Other than that, look for FR and RR (farm road and ranch road) signs, you're sure to find alot of good subject matter along about any of them. One good one closer to Wimberley is called "Devil's Backbone". Heck, I even saw a Road Runner near the town of Comfort!
  6. Tim,

    The place to go is Hill Country. Go to Fredericksburg (a 45min drive northwest of San Antonio) and enjoy the beautiful fields of bluebonnets and peach orchards in bloom. A bonus will be some interesting (and decent quality) wineries, if you are into that. I recommend highly Becker Vinyard, about 5 miles east of Fredericksburg.

    Make sure and visit Luchenbach, a "town" consisting of three or four buildings, the biggest one being a bar, a place that is a constant magnet for Willie Nelson-type Texas hippies (sometimes Willie himself), bikers, etc. This is 2-3 miles southwest of Frederickburg.

    You'll se plenty of cattle, fences, cacti, etc. Check out the Enchanted Rock, about 10 miles north of Fredericksurg. The road actually goes through private ranches, so you'll see free-roaming cattle.

    We love thas part of Texas and go there (and SA) a number of times each year.
  7. Check out this link for responses to a similar inquiry in the Nature forum.
  8. Wow! Thanks so much for the incredible replies everyone. Now the only hard part will be trying to fit everything in. Atleast I won't have to worry about not having anything to shoot.

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