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  1. I got tired of carrying this beast around my neck, so I decided to just carry it in my hand. I bought a nice leather handle from a gentleman in London and attached it with two giant zip ties. Honestly, I would like a better solution than the zip ties and your suggestions are welcome. I do continue to use my cross shoulder strap when I carry two cameras on long journeys. I find the handle works really nicely for short jaunts with the additional benefit of helping my grip when shooting.

    Fuji GW690 III Pro
  2. Small key rings? Or maybe not that small. :)
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  3. I was seriously thinking of buying one of those (at least one of the variants) this Summer. I ended up with a more compact 6 x 4.5 Fujica MF camera. It's still not that compact so I can see why this would be a strain on your neck after awhile. I like your solution.

    So, is the camera worth its heft? I haven't ruled out getting one in the future. I can't remember if your model is one with interchangeable lenses or not.
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  4. I did try that, but then the handle torques badly.
  5. I see. You need something wider than key rings. I'm probably the wrong person to ask. Being a cyclist, zip ties are a legit fastener in my book. There are reusable ones that might work out better for you.
  6. I love it. It is very simple and easy to use. The negatives are HUGE and the fixed lens is pretty good. There are certainly better lenses, but at a higher cost. Here is an example using a yellow filter.

    [​IMG]Trees by Henry Chavez, on Flickr
  7. I didn't know they existed. I'll have to look into those. Thanks!
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    Zip ties are great, except that some are vulnerable to sunlight & weather. They can just fail. No warning. Lots of other options out there.
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  9. I use zip ties for another unrelated purpose in my home and notice that when exposed to micro movements over time they will break with 100% certainty. Not a problem in my specific application, but might be if attached to a camera.
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  10. Double or triple up on the zip ties and keep a bunch in your camera bag.
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  11. Perhaps run a loop of strong webbing camera strap through the two lugs on the camera, and through the two rings on the handle, and join it with the usual kind of camera strap metal buckle.
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  12. I did try this idea, but not individually or for each ring. I made a single strap and ran it across the two attachments on the camera. I used it for a while like this. I just need to break down and make two medal clips.
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    Check shops for salt water fishing - strong stainless steel clips and split rings, or plunk down the cash and get any if a variety of similarly configured camera straps.
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  14. The fishing stuff is a good idea. I have looked at camera strap attachments with little success. Thanks for the input.
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  16. Those are good and I use a variety of that type for my small RF and Micro 4/3 bodies. I use the leather handle differently. It mainly serves to carry the camera like a suitcase. Although it does help with my grip a bit, it is mainly for carrying the beast around like a Graflex.
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  17. I once made the mistake of using a zip tie to hold something temporarily together on a car in a spot that happened to be a few inches above the exhaust pipe. Fortunately for me, it gave way before I even got out of the driveway...
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  18. Yeah, I need to come up with a permanent solution. Although these are huge heavy duty ties, I'm going to hardware store to look for something more secure.
  19. upload_2019-10-2_15-59-9.jpeg
    Maybe something like this ^ . They're called a Brummel knot (if my memory serves me) .I used a product sold as a cover for auto hoses and wiring .
    It's kinda challenging to make this knot the first time , but with this plastic mesh it's Tough . Peter
    ps; it comes in many colours .
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  20. I use a Lance camera strap made of red nylon climbing rope with stainless ring attachments that is long enough to wear cross-chest that keeps the camera on my hip and and inexpensive snap on neck pad. The left shoulder and left side of the neck take some of the load, but most of it is born on my right hip. BTW, the camera is a Bronica ETRS and I doubt the weight is any less than the Fuji 'Texas Leica'. I use the same system for my APSC and FF digital cameras as well. The only camera I hand slingis a Ricoh GRII because the weight is for all purposes nearly non-existent. The Lance site is lancecamerastraps.com. I have no interest or connection with that firm.
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