Tetenol Neofin Blue ...HELP

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by kymtman, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. Can't find anything on how to mix Neofin blue to develope Efke 25
    film. How much water if any to add for dilution? I bought a five vile
    trial box and it does not tell how to dilute.....
  2. My sympathies. When I first tried Neofin Blue it took me a week and an e-mail to JandC before I was confident I'd interpreted Tetenal's literature correctly! The results on Efke R100 were excellent tho' and well worth the effort.

    Keep in mind that, as with Rodinal, there's no single best dilution for all films. And you can expect tremendously different results between continuous and intermittant agitation, more so than with other developers I've tried.

    I wish I could be more specific but I've recently moved and all of my darkroom gear and data are in storage.
  3. Hello,

    Although I have a fair amount of experience with Neofin Blau, unfortunately, none of it is with Efke 25 (a situation I hope to rectify in the near future). Having said that, I would probably start with the times given at "the digital truth": 8 min. @ 20 degrees C. This is probably in the ballpark considering it matches the time given for APX 25.

    Best of luck,
  4. Sorry,

    It's late, and I didn't read closely enough. You need to mix the 30 ml. ampule with 470 ml. of water. If you choose another mixture ratio, then you need to respectively increase or decrease the development times. On page 10 of the smaller booklet that comes with the box of developer, you will find a chart describing the proper dilution/development(Verlaengerungsfaktor). For example, if you mix the 30 ml. with 670 ml. water (700 ml.), then you need to multiply your development times for the 'usual' 500 ml. times by 1.3 . The same time would be necessary if you only used half of the ampule to make a total of 300 ml. of solution (or so sayth the chart). I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

  5. one ampulle neofin blue + 475ml water

    processing EFKE 25:
    presoak 2min. / developing in neofin-blue for 4 min. with all 3-sec. turning the tank / stop / fixing (with hardener recommended) / washing (20/25 min. if hardener was used)

    good luck
  6. Thanks guys; I finally figured it out. did my first roll and here is a photo of the results. It definately is a film of character, that is Efke 25. I think it reminds me of days gone by when I worked the darkroom some odd 45 years back.

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