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  1. testing
  2. How do I delete a photo?
  3. 1159-Express train.jpg My test post
  4. Good question, Isaac! HOW?
  5. Adrian, you sould not press thumbnail, but the big photo
  6. First attempt at upload. ©Carolyn D'Alessandro-26.jpg
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  7. Repeatedly tried to load test 108 kb image (which uploaded easily on old photo net) and got error message with no explanation as to what the problem was. Also got message saying I needed to log in several times if I wanted to upload image (this is just after I had logged in when first bringing up photo net.).
  8. 1159-Express train.jpg Thank you Luis. I'm trying again.
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  9. British-Sports-Cars-pnet.jpg How hard can this be? I think it works!
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  10. Here's my test post... Uh-Oh clicking on "Upload A File" see aliases of folders on my desktop as gray and not clickable. I'll have to tunnel down MacHD to where the folder points to the alias on the desktop. That's weird.

    IMGP4292.jpg and here's a comment on the bottom of the image
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  11. Seems to work but with strange overwriting in this reply frame and logging in again...
  12. Well, so far so good, mostly. I've managed to upload a number of images in various forums, reply to others' posts, start a conversation with another member, review recent postings, review recent postings by members I follow, etc. I still wish pushing the "back" button would take me back to exactly the same location, instead of the top of the previous page. I also agree with the comment (now, where was that?) that there is far too much scrolling required to move through the site, in lieu of thumbnails and page advances.Things are looking up. I'm still not completely sold on the new site, but I'm not too terribly put off either.

    Now, can we please get paragraph breaks restored? (Oh, look. It worked! Never mind...) (No, it didn't. Damn!)

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