testing unwatching threads for Sanford

Discussion in 'Test Posting' started by Leslie Reid, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. this is a test post to see if the button works...
  2. post number two
  3. post number 3
  4. post number 4
  5. post number 5
  6. Moot. He already tried it.
    So far, the button works for me in both Chrome and Safari, and apparently whether I'm watching the rest of the forum or not.
    What I didn't test was whether it works if I've previously posted to the thread.
    If the alert does stick to "on" when you've previously posted, one option might be to unwatch the whole forum as well as the thread--that might reset the properties; then opt to watch the forum again. But if that does work, you'd likely lose future notifications on already-posted threads that you do want to watch, though you'd pick up the new threads.
  7. I can live with it, just wanted to make P/N aware.

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