Testing a second hand 20D body

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jim_karthauser, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Hi All

    In usual last minute style I am heading out in an hour or so to pick up a
    second hand EOS used 20D body that I've got from a certain auction site. I'm
    picking it up in person so that I can test it first.

    My intended use? I've got a 40D and an arsenal of glass but need a backup body
    as I intend to start dabbling in weddings in the next year.

    My question? What sort of things would you guys recommend testing so that I can
    be reasonably happy that it's fully operational?

    I'm thinking, try a few lenses and a few cards in it, battery grip, multiframe
    bursts etc. Any other ideas that I haven't thought of?

    Cheers everyone for your help.

    I've tried to search this subject but no luck. So hopefully I've included
    enough keywords on here for someone else to find it i the future.
  2. The only problem I ever had with my 20D is not being able to remove the lens. It will set you back approx $375 if you need the lens mounting ring (don't know the actual name) replaced.

    I would make sure the lens mounts to the body smoothly without any catching. Good luck.
  3. make sure the top display is clear. Check all the buttons to see if they are not gunked up. Fire the shutter at high speed. Just take one lens you know works or one ef's and one ef.
  4. Look to see if any paint is missing in the grooves of the screws (to tell if they've been removed).
  5. Hi everyone
    Got the new body now. Many thanks for your answers.
    For the record I tested- Hotshoe flashgun, remote test (TC80N3), multiframe burst, formatting 2 memory cards in it, used sensor cleaning mode to have a look inside, tried EF and EFS lenses on it, autofocus speed, and visual check (buttons lcds etc)

    Perhaps I was just being pedantic but I wanted to make sure I was getting a good'un.

    Thanks everyone.

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