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  1. "Sphinx moth, aka hummingbird moth."
  2. Nope, not that way. Above the post area, there is a grey field, the second item from the right is used to mark something as a quote.
    Type what you want to appear as a (gray underlaid) quote, then either select it all or place your cursor in the paragraph. Click the " symbol (second item from the right in the gray area above and the selected text will indent. The gray underlay will appear after you posted.
    Note that the " symbol is a toggle. Clicking on twice undoes the quotation (and removes the indent). If you want to type something after you inserted the quote, you need to undo the quotation for that section.
    Sphinx moth, aka hummingbird moth.​
    Quotation undone for this: hit return after previous line, then click on " symbol.

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