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  1. I bought this Fed 2 last week from Ukraine on Ebay from a seller who does not sell many cameras. The price was US$12. They send it by Registered Post for $15. It arrived in good time. The Germans by DHL charge over $35 for postage! This is an old one, possibly 1957, if the number on the body is a correct indicator. Had to do all the works of cleaning, lubrication and tension adjustments. They had painted a pretty lady’s picture on the back; [that seems to have been fashionable in a season in the USSR]; removed it with household ammonia and detergent, Then polished the vulcanite covering with KIWI shoe wax and coconut oil. Works very smoothly now. Has a larger wind-on knob than Zorki 4. So less torque is needed to advance the film. The body is slightly smaller than that of Zorki 4; feels nice in the palm. Actually, one could shoot pictures using just the right hand with this camera. Tough, if you are left-handed! Switching from the SLRs I kept running my finger over the viewfinder. Had to remind myself often to the discipline of the RF. Made some test shots with the Nova Silver Plus film 125ASA. It was good day light, bright and shadowy scenes. Did not use any meter. Here are a few samples.
  2. About 2mm smaller in length and thickness, some more in height than Zorki 4. Has no slow speeds; clock work is only for the delay timer. The body was in good shape; could be restored easily to look new. The shutter as well as the wind-on mechanism are very quiet and smooth.
  3. Most drivers are new to the job; the automobile explosion is hardly a decade plus old; they drive rashly, talking on the cell phone most of the time, though it is a cognizable offense.
  4. Traffic congestion and encroachment on sidewalks have made this location risky for pedestrians.
  5. Many small traders have vanished from the grocery scene due to the impact of the big chains. Some like this still do well; they don't employ any outside help. All are cousins.
  6. They will make good sales in the hot weather fromnow on till the Monsoon in June.
  7. I have difficulty posting text as well as pictures here. Happens often these days. The next time I shall try and post in my Picasa web album and then provide a link here. It is also easier to edit in the web album.
  8. Keep 'em coming!

    We especially need those warm street scenes in our cold, dark, and damp winter. :)
  9. This sidewalk was built only a couple of weeks ago with an urban renewal grant to the local government. But some wise guy has decided that it is space for his dumping yard.
  10. Many dry bores have been left uncapped and unfenced in the past few years. Children ahve lost their lives, limbs and what not. Last week the Supreme Court ordered all the District magistrates to monitor the bore wells and made them accountable for any mishap.
  11. Local fabricators do good business. We can get many items custom made. I got my Monopod and many other items fabricated in the neighborhood. Ah! Finally, I managed to finish after many interruptions. Hope you like the pictures. I find the Fed 2 a very handy simple camera. It is built to be sturdy; the small size and proportions make it handy and elegant. Thanks for viewing and your comments. Regards, sp.
  12. Another really interesting series from a very tidy-looking camera, with good sharp old Russian glass. It's certainly all happening in your neighbourhood, SP ! Your very nice "Crossroads" photograph demonstrates a fascinating mix of people and traffic.
  13. The photos taken in sunlight are very low in contrast on my monitor.
  14. Thanks Rick; it has been a very long time since I handled a Fed 2, more than 40 years! Just the first roll now. Thanks Gene; I have still not learned to work with the scanner. Often I find that if I increase the contrast to "auto-levels" then a whole lot of details get Blacked out. So I am trying to balance between blanching out with the highlights and Blacking out with the low-lights. I would appreciate if you have any suggestions. An old timer suggested to try compose the frame to include only 4 or 5 basic gray tones. According to him most films cannot handle beyond that.
  15. As always, great photos from an old camera.
    I am amazed that some of the old russsian cameras can produce such great photos.
  16. I have the Industar 26M (soft) ,Industar 61LD (high contrast) and Jupiter 8 (highest resolution) standard lenses for my Fed 2.However, they did not make many Orion 28mm or Jupiter 35mm or Jupiter 85mm and after being outbid (by Leica users?) I gave up on trying to assemble a collection.
  17. Another great series and document, SP. Thanks for sharing! That is a sharp lens and a good-looking camera.
    I also find the contrast of your images a bit low. This might come from two factors: not enough development time, or scanning settings.
    If your negatives look contrasty enough, with nice detailed shadow and highlight areas, you may need to correct "levels" (Photoshop) or "density" (other programs) after scanning. Let us know what are you using, and someone will come up with recommendations.
  18. I have a FED 5 with industar 50mm 2.8. Nice camera :) here is mine:
  19. You've done it again... built yourself a very fine user camera. Looks delightful! Make me want to have one of them too! Neat Photos too! Alwys liek your comments about the changing scene! So 40 years ago you used this model and now... coming back to it at a more reasonable price I guess?!
  20. I too have bought a couple of Fed's from the Ukraine, must admit that I was nervous the first time! Every transaction has been really good though, and I'm amazed at the efficiency of their postal system. I have also had much more luck with Feds than Zorkis, as every Zorki that I have bought has either been dead, or died soon after. The Fed's all work well, and the Industar's all seem to be very good, despite having a bad reputation.
    Keep up the good work, I always look forward to your next "find".
  21. Hi - I have 2 Fed's at home - Fed 2 & Fed3. Never used it (unused for decades) . Used Cannon's etc. Planning to take some snaps after reading your post.
    Any service guy in Bangalore Mr. Subbarayan as they seem pretty rusty. Also I have the Industar 26 + Industar 61 lens. Read that the 61 lens contain some rare earth material and are raioactive. What are the levels of radioactivity (i am pretty circumspect as they are Soviet era). Can any body enlighten?
  22. Vasudevan Hi! I live in Bangalore in Ideal homes off Mysore Road near Rajarajeswari Nagar. I do not know anyone in Bangalore who would work on the Feds. I am sure there must be some. But I do not know them. People whom I had contact with are all now repairing Digitals. There is more money in it. So they don't touch old mechanical cameras. For major repairs I send my cameras to Kolkota. There are some excellent repairmen there. If your cameras simply need lubrication and adjustment of shutters I can try do that for you, if you cannot find any professional here. Contact me by email through PN message box for the Kolkata address or other mode. The radioactivity in Industar 61 L/D is too small for any worry. They use Lanthanum mixed glass in some of the lens elements. It would radiate no more than what your cell phone would do in microwaves. Best, sp
  23. Hi Prasanna
    Where do you get B&W films for my Minolta SLR in Bangalore? I use XD-7 and Maxxum 7000 with several lenses and adapters also.

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