Test-driving the polling option

Discussion in 'Test Posting' started by Leslie Reid, Sep 20, 2017.


I wonder if this is going to work like I expect it to...

  1. The test drive was successful

  2. The test drive was not successful

  3. None of the above

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  1. It looks like the explanatory material goes in an accompanying post.
    And what about image size?
    600 px
    500 px
    400 px
    and can an image post in-line with text?
    yes? D02-_MG_6222-2.jpg but at the bottom

    and how many 500 px and 600 px photos will fit?
    5. D02-_MG_6222.jpg
    6. D02-_MG_6222.jpg
    7. D02-_MG_6222-2.jpg
    8. D02-_MG_6222.jpg
    9. D02-_MG_6222-2.jpg
    10. D02-_MG_6222.jpg
    ...plenty, it seems. And you only need to upload once for each, and reinsert from the thumbnail/full image options....but it only allowed 5 separate uploads? Nope--it just got tired of redoing the same upload. Puppy photos always upload.

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