Tessina prices anyone?

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  1. Hi!
    I recently inherited 4 (four) Tessinas from a deceased unkle (Military Intelligence retired). One of them is a 35 automatic, the rest are plain 35s. They all seem OK cosmetically (no dents or scratches), all dials seem to work OK. However, I have no intention of keeping them and I cannot test their functional status. I was planning to sell them but I am quite puzzled by the price range on eBay. Collectiblend.com quotes really high prices, and I would like to know where the truth lies, or what would be a reasonable asking price for the lot of them. (probably "as is" I guess).Thanks!
  2. The problem with the Tessina is the film cassette.
    Although it uses standard 35mm film, the cassette is unique to this camera, and hard to find.
    A reasonable price for one in good condition would be $300-$400 IMO.
    You'll find folks paying ridiculous prices for anything unusual, gambling that they can make money on the deal.
    - Leigh
  3. If your Tessina set come with accesories, such as selenium exposure meter or pantarism, sell these separately. The selenium meter may fetch around $300, pentaprism $200-$300. The silver pentaprism is
    more collectible, it is rare.
  4. I paid $2000 for a newly built silent motor gold 35L. Most 'silver' models sell for around $400 even in the shops - I got one from B&H. eBay auction varies to model, color and accessories.

    under each camera model/variation for an idea of past auction prices.

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