Tessar 5cm Lenses

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by pensacolaphoto, Jun 22, 2008.

  1. Can you tell me whether the lens on the right is a Contax mount RF lens?
  2. It does appear to be so, yes.
  3. Thank you, Michael. This is really good to know.,
  4. If the lens on the right is a Tessar 5cm/3.5 lens, then absolutely yes. I had this lens 30+ years ago, and the
    one in your picture looks identical. They commanded a premium price amongst Contax RF collectors some years ago,
  5. Positively yes. It's a pre-war chrome collapsible 2,8/50 Tessar that might have been sold with a Contax II or III, yet if will fit any Zeiss Contax RF. They didn't continue making it after the war because it didn't have much of a reputation for wide open performance - the 3,5 was much better.
  6. Mani and Peter: Thank you for the information. I paid little for these lenses, so having three useful lenses is good for me. I rarely see a Contax mount Tessar for sale here or at RFF.
  7. The lens on the right is a 5cm/2.8, as Peter has pointed out.
  8. The others look like Exakta.
  9. David,
    Is the middle one a M42 mount? You could be right though.

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