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  1. Really tragic. These were good guys.
    A lot of the stock was original old stuff "new in box" that can never be replaced.
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  2. Very sad, hope the stock was insured.

    "Since 1899" ... if only that shop could talk !
  3. The main floor interior of Central Camera
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  4. Most insurance policies exclude damage due to governmental action, war or civil insurrection.
  5. is it even worth rebuilding since so much original equipment was lost?
  6. Today, it might be best to take the insurance money and go do something else.
    It is pretty hard for a B&M store to fight low overhead internet warehouses.
  7. The art schools in Chicago provide a steady demand for photographic consumables, which allow Central Camera to live in a fortuitous time warp. Also, lots of photo chemistry is hard to get delivered by USPS or UPS.
  8. It's a real shame. I hope he can bring it back and survive. I went there every time I visited Chicago.

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