terms that should be abolished from use with respect to photography for the betterment of the craft

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  1. 1) it is a joy to use
    2) nice capture
    3) nice tones
    4) is that a hasselblad
    5) ken rockwell (moose peterson, photodo, etc.) says
    6) lpmm
    7) mtf
    8) beats film
    9) leica glow
    8) "luminous" and "landscape" in the same sentence
    9) can you still get film for that
    10) are you still using film
    11) better than anything i could do in the darkroom
    12) usaf chart
    13) lens test
    14) professional camera
    15) love the tones
    16) amazing (when used to describe/critique a photograph)
    ...feel free to add to the list at will.
  2. 17) should

  3. definitely. :)
  4. How do you get this effect (or look)?
  5. Megapixels!
  6. 17) should​
  7. 20.) professional photographer
    21.) bokeh
    22.) "If you could only choose one ____________"
    23.) 7/7
    24.) histogram
  8. 25) Fine art
  9. Two confusing technical terms:
    "Focal length" as a measure of angle of view. If we just talked in terms of angle of view (probably horizontal angle of view, primarily) the world would be much simpler.
    "Shutter speed". In the vast majority of cameras you can't adjust the speed of your shutter, just the length of your exposure.
    It would also be very helpful if Photoshop stopped lying to people about file size -- this causes endless questions. It reports pixel count * bit depth as "file size", and also causes people to think about the size of their digital images in terms of physical measurements of length (e.g. inches) rather than pixel count.
  10. 27) Lists of terms that should be abolished...
  11. 28) ______ vs ______
  12. 29) lense
  13. Oh! Dang it!
    But I love histogram, Steve.
    Come on. Pretty please reconsider.
    I'll trade you an ETTR for the histogram. Whata' say?
  14. 1. Film
    2. Digital
    3. Analogue
    4. Canon / Nikon (just kidding...kind of)
  15. my memory card can store 1300 images.
  16. what camera/lens did you use?
  17. Which camera takes the best pictures-

    If you had $5000 to spend-
  18. 32) Awesome
  19. 34) Workflow. That word just bugs me, like the whole thing is some sort of chore that we're trying to get out of the way so we can play Halo.
  20. 35) Copy
    36) Sample
    ...when referring to lenses.
  21. 37) cropped too tightly
  22. 38) too dark
  23. 39) Wow, your camera sure takes great pictures.
  24. 40. Rule, as in rule of thirds.
  25. I know it's not a term, bit phrases seem to have drifted in the list already, .....
    I'm going to turn pro, so what ( insert any equipment type here ) should I buy ?
  26. I'm going to ________, what camera / lens should I take along?
    (I cheated. I also used "what" instead of "which", but since this isn't applicable to the OT of camera terms to be outlawed, I didn't want to call attention to it as a separate line item.) ;)
  27. Glass (instead of lens)
    Hassy, Panny, Bronny...
    And any others that make me roll my eyes.
  28. depth-of-field preview. Everyone knows that the image is too dark to see anything.
    However, I still like ASA compared to ISO
  29. DPI (when not refering to an actual print size)
  30. Here are my proposals for banned phrases:
    - Student camera (the converse side of #14).
    - The camera doesn't matter.
    - There aren't any rules.
    - 'PhotoShop' as a verb.
    - Switching.
    James, I sort of agree: ASA does roll off the tongue more easily. And DOPs refer to ASA, not ISO. But ISO... I just prefer using it. I guess it sounds more 'proper' to me.
  31. Oh! Dang it!
    But I love histogram, Steve.
    Come on. Pretty please reconsider.
    I'll trade you an ETTR for the histogram. Whata' say?​
    Tim -- consider it done! Although Luis' #27 renders all of this moot.
  32. i'm surprised no one mentioned the most overused expression on PN: "sharp as a tack"...
  33. - "Crop sensor";

    - "ISO" use in context of a digital camera;

    - "Canikon" (lazily referring to Canon & Nikon).
  34. 29) lense​
    Fred: +1 !
  35. How about "CAM" for camera with video when refering to a DSLR.
  36. "Photo" instead of photograph.
    Oh wait, then we'ld have to abolish Photo.net.
    Never mind.
  37. "shot" -instead of photographed;
    "shoot" -as in 'photo shoot' (a big tip of the hat to the advertising, marketing, and especially the fashion folks.)
    "shooter" -instead of photographer, or in some cases - camera;
    No wonder law enforcement personnel are wary of photographers! Especially your local neighborhood "rent-a-cop"
    who has at even best an elementary school education, and definitely has absolutely no idea what the local or state laws are.
  38. shoot
  39. 1. Tack sharp
    2. Nice compo
    3. I like the colors
    4. Gone back to film
    5. Switched to digital
  40. 'price point' and 'form factor.' In the interest of word budgeting.
  41. Nifty fifty for a 50mm lens,'Cron for a Summicron, Fine Art Photography and referring to photographers either themselves or others as "Artists" or Togs.
  42. stp


    1. Definately. Definitely the most misspelled word in the forums.
  43. Using 'loose' instead of 'lose'.
  44. 1. Consistent bad spelling: "allot" or "alot" for "a lot"!
    2. Ending sentences with "at" Argh! E.g., "Where was that picture taken at?"

  45. Another vote for the 'lense'.
    I think Bob Lazzarini has a very good point as well, about the whole shooting thing. I suggest, however, that we subsitute shooter with 'assassin'. If we are going to compare ourselves with gunslingers, we might as well compare ourselves to proper gunslingers ;-)
  46. Giclée, all french speakers roll their eyes at that, he says with a schoolboy smirk on his face :). Who on earth came up with it. Oops there I go again.........
  47. I'd like to nominate 'crisp!'
    "This image isn't as 'crisp' as I'd like it to be."
    It can mean so many things, and nothing at all! That one really annoys me.
  48. Using 'loose' instead of 'lose'.​
    Not photographic per se but, along the same lines, using 'ironic' when its only coincidental or hypocritical.
  49. Nice shot ( I use that a lot).
    Great shot.
    Ansel Adams
    HCB (as in Henri Cartier Bresson)
    • Tack sharp (it's a lens, not a nail)
    • Flash (Dude, it's called a strobe)
    • Walk-around lens (unless it has legs and feet)
    • Point-and-shoot (it's a technique, not a camera design)
    • W/NW (includes every possibility, so why bother writing it?)
  50. Point-and-shoot (it's a technique, not a camera design)​
    http://www.lomography.com/magazine/reviews/2008/09/20/vivitar-uws-the-smallest-wide-angle-plastic-camera and many more...
    • Flash (Dude, it's called a strobe)​
    Not where I live!
  51. 'Prosumer', as in 'I imagine one of Canikon's prosumer lenses will be perfectly adequate for your needs, though obviously a serious photographer like me would only buy professional gear'. The original meaning of 'producer/consumer' is an interesting concept, but it now seems to have shifted to 'professional/consumer', jargon for 'enthusiast'.
    'Making an image' for that snapshot of the Eiffel Tower.
    'Pull the trigger', as in 'I've just pulled the trigger on Canikon's latest prosumer body at B&H. Wish me luck! ! !'.
    'Deadpan' , as in 'The Schweppes Prize-winning image of a bored teenager epitomises the Deadpan Style'.
    'Build quality', as in 'Are you sure this polycarbonate prosumer body has sufficient build quality for making images of my daughter's school soccer game?'.
    Along with the unfortunate 'giclée', the other pretentious terms for common print types when displayed in galleries e.g., 'gelatin-silver' (b&w) and 'C-type' (colour).
  52. ...and 'Lomography'. Enough is enough.
  53. And my pet peeve, "ensure" vs. "insure." Are you being sure of something, or underwriting it?
  54. great camera
    upgrade to FX
  55. IQ
    In reference to anything involving photography, was there ever a more meaningless yet perversely popular term?
  56. I love my camera - come one now, really?
    Will buying ____ improve my photography?
  57. Let's just adopt them all and then see if we manage to communicate between us and still talk about photography. I think we will all be send to the Off-topic forum to discuss something else - anything else.
    Did anyone mention: "Art is just an empty word"?
  58. "IQ
    In reference to anything involving photography, was there ever a more meaningless yet perversely popular term?"​
    as perversely popular as it is inversely proportional ;)
  59. Lex, IQ? That's one I plumb forgot about. If there ever was photography word torture it's that one.
    Now if I can kindly and respectfully ask you to not use the word "parlance" ever again among your wonderfully fulfilling prose here at Photo.net, I'ld much appreciate it.
    Parlance? Really? Not cool, man! Not cool!
  60. Tim, I'll give up parlance in exchange for patois and a dialect to be named later.
  61. You got it, dude.
    uuh...What is patois? You got me on that one.
    No! No! On second thought, I don't want to know. It might make me want parlance back.
  62. Calling a lens a "telephoto" when it is just a long focus lens.
  63. David,
    I can't agree with that one, originally telephoto lens was used to describe a long focus lens that was shorter than its focal length. Nowadays they basically all are, so they truly are all telephotos. What isn't is a tele, is a 70-200 zoom, it is not a tele zoom.
  64. Steps for Stops. Stop using Step!
  65. "Patois" (a regional language) is just a genuine French term. You Americans must be able to come up with something more homemade. The American language is an English Patois !
  66. "What lens should I buy?"
    "Should I get a 7D or 5DMKII?"
    "How do I achieve this effect?"
    And, "Do you want fries with that?"
  67. Protective filter?
  68. ...and 'Lomography'. Enough is enough.​
    I absolutely agree whole heartedly. However since most 'Lomography' cameras are one aperture and one shutter speed (with maybe bulb thrown in) then I guess they can't stop. Down with the term anyways I say.
  69. it


  70. I wonder if we started an experimental thread to discuss some topic and refrained from using ANY of these words or phrases, how long would it go ? I can picture people saving the list and having by their elbow and grumbling about how to mention X without using a "banned word" .
    At least camera and lens were not on the list.

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