tempted to trade my D810 for a Df

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by chulster, Mar 26, 2021.

  1. I know there's at least one other major company in Japan that's just called Fuji, and there's a Fuji Corp. in the industrial electronics space, so Fujifilm still needs to differentiate and might have trademark issues if they dropped the "film".

    But yeah, if I wanted medium format, Fuji GFX would be an obvious choice. Reasonably priced, as medium format digital goes. Not too huge. And there's a lot of synergy between the GFX line and the APSC line (e.g. software compatibility, interfaces, film modes) which makes it very usable. But the images from the Z7 are so good I don't feel a need for a larger sensor, and though I'm a bit jealous of my friend's GFX100 I'm not jealous of the fact that it cost him $10k.
  2. If only they'd add Pixel-Shift to the Z7, you could have as many pixels as you want from FX...:cool:
  3. Does that really work? I never had a camera with pixel shift but I’m always seeing people saying it’s so hard to stabilize the camera well enough or finda scene still enough that they don’t bother.
  4. All very true.

    Pretty much 'limited' to still-lives, fine art or sculpture.... or a very still day!
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  6. On the D850 I can get a 1000 frames per charge, if I shoot them in a day or two. If I let the camera sit for a few days, the battery level will sit at 70% or so from full, even if I only took a few shots (like, 50 or less). It's pathetic. I've chased this ghost for a while. Shut all the wifi, Bluetooth and other connecting crap off and it still "leaks" power. Prob because it's Bluetooth LE and you can't really turn that off unless you remove the battery. But then you lose all your settings too ... poor design there vs the D70 for sure.

    The Df ... don't know. I have 400+ pics on the current charge battery over the last 2 weeks and have yet to lose a bar on the display (it has no percentage depletion). I bought 2 spare batteries for the Df and now I feel that is overkill. I only ever had 2 batteries with the D700 and never felt I needed more, even when I was out hiking for a week on end sans power.
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  7. Really?
    Then what happens when you swap batteries?

    Honestly, this having to swap batteries every few weeks 'issue' really isn't an issue at all. Did anyone complain that they had to swap cassettes every 36 exposures with film? A procedure that took several times longer than just flipping a battery door open and changing batteries.

    That's a bit annoying if the camera is mounted on a tripod that blocks access to the battery, but it's still not a disaster. And doesn't everyone check that a fully-charged battery is fitted before mounting the camera on the 'pod?

    BTW, not being a fan of the plasticky-feeling Df, I think fate took the right decision for Chulster.
  8. I'd far prefer a nice ergonomically shaped camera that has a modest battery that's only good for 500 frames than a lumpy brick that can take 2000 between changes. I have smallish hands but my jackets have many pockets!

    The new Z6ii/7ii mirrorless cameras have the ability to be externally fed by powerbank, so extended tripod use isn't an issue.
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  9. Finally!
    A use for those Poundland 'powerbanks' that I couldn't resist buying.:)

    Now all I have to do is find the USB charging cables for my cameras.
  10. Well of course nothing happens when you swap batteries... there is a small backup battery for that, but that drains in a week.
    The issue is not having to swap batteries. The issue is poor design that requires me to carry many more batteries than ever before when I had a D700. I solved the problem by buying a Df anyways :). At 500 pics after 2.5 weeks (today!) I finally lost one of the 3 battery bars on the Df. Really happy it lasted that long. Still a long way to go.
  11. My first digital camera was a Nikon Coolpix 2000, which uses four AA batteries.
    It got about 36 shots on a set of batteries. As well as I remember, it wasn't that the batteries
    were low, but the sense level was too high.

    I sent it back to Nikon for repair, and when it came back, it lasted longer on a set.
    (I usually used NiMH, but the same was for alkaline.)

    I never had a problem with battery life for any DSLR.
    Also, I don't remember any problem with keeping data such as time and date,
    even when the main battery was low or removed.
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    Say what you will, the Df feels more like cameras of yore (F2, F3, and before) than the current Black Plastic Blobs, and is a whole lot less gigantic and heavy than the incredibly sturdy and expensive pro cameras. Carry what you wish - the Df will always have a place in my "stable".

    Note: Though not like pro batteries, never had a problem with any Nikon - a question of being prepared and anticipating need. Of course, a long time film shooter shoots like it was film without thinking about it.
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  13. Interesting, when the battery hog D1X was my primary camera I could get maybe 180 shots before a battery change. I got in the habit of carrying at least two spares everywhere. On the other hand the last wedding I shot resulted in a little over 2k images in both jpeg and raw in a D800 and an 810. After 11 hours I lost two bars on each camera. Yet I still carry spares and a charger. I’ll never get past it.

    Rick H.
  14. Save the settings (see page 277 of the English version of the manual). Be sure to copy the setting file from the flash card to your computer or else you will lose the settings file when you format the card. If you ever need it, move the setting file to the card and then Load Settings (page 277, same manual).

    Are you sure you lose setting when you lose power? The manual mentions battery backup only for the clock and states the backup power source will power the clock for three months, after being charged by the main battery for two days (page 206, same manual). I would have thought the setting would have been stored in non-volatile storage.
  15. The battery in my New Z6ii was so flat when it arrived absolutely nothing happened when i put it in the camera slot.
    Sure, i know it says to charge it fully before use but i expected something!
    Charged just fine, and now like a normal one. Havent tried in-body charging yet though.
  16. Excellent idea.... I hadn't thought of that. Seems worth it no matter what.
  17. I agree. The D850 has seen next to no use since I got the Df. I am vaguely thinking of parting with the D850, my 70-200 VRII 2.8 and the Dawn Di-GPS Eco Pro. With that, I'd be halfway to a Fujifilm GFX100S and a 63 mm lens. It'd be a species shift but it's intriguing.

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