Tell Josh what YOU would have done with his $800....

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  1. If you had $800 to spend on buying something new, what new toy would you get? Would you get a new lens? A new DSLR body? A trip to photograph somewhere interesting? Would you skip photography and just buy something fun like a new Transition mountain bike (my neighbor is a pro for them, so a little neighborhood shout out) or a musical instrument? What about power tools or kitchen knives?
    In honor of my household disaster below, pick the photo item you'd buy and share it with everyone. If you'd like, pick a non photographic item and share that as well. Might be an interesting way to learn a little bit more about our fellow community member's hobbies.
    Well let me tell you what I spent MY $800 on this week....
    Yeah, one of those. Thrilling huh? our old hot water heater started doing an "old faithful" impersonation two days ago which made a pretty stunning mess. Thankfully a plumber we trust was available on short notice, and he didn't kill us on the tank or the labor (and with an infant and a toddler and an angry wife in the house, he sure could have). But still.....
    EDIT: Please note, the cost of the heater ITSELF was not $800. The total cost of the heater, install, and removal/disposal of the old tank (all within 24 hours of the old one dying) was $800. No, I don't install stuff like this myself because the one thing I refuse to work on myself is anything having to do with natural gas. the risk isn't worth saving a couple hundred bucks.
    I would have much rather spent my money on one of the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM lenses for my T1i. I love my EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM, but with the high ISO getting better and better on DSLRs these days, I'm finally willing to give up f/2.8 for longer telephoto end of the zoom. That's a big deal for me, I've been a f/2.8 (or faster) believer for a long time. But I find myself wanting something a bit longer in my family/kids/friends/etc lens. I'm still a little under the $800, so I'd probably use the rest to get a babysitter and take my wife out for a nice dinner away from the chaos that is our life.
    Or, if I wasn't going to get a camera item, I'd get one of these bad boys from Grizzly (another company local to my area). I love me some power tools.
    NOTE: Yes, yes. There are going to be referral links in this thread. It's a fairly unobtrusive way for the site to help support itself. Most the referrals appear if you link to Adorama or Amazon. I'm being upfront about this, so if you dislike that sort of thing, you can sit this thread out. Thanks. -Josh
  2. I hope it's solar. My $800 will go to a Sigma DP2s plus viewfinder (if the roof doesn't cost too much).
  3. i was browsing some lenses yesterday, and damn -- $800 wouldn't even come close!
    but speaking of that sigma DP2s, i'm interested. i even clicked through on one of the ads on PN. guess i should wait to see whether josh likes this one any better than the last version...
  4. My $800 would go towards a new Zuiko 50-200/2.8-3.5
    Or a down payment for a divorce lawyer...
  5. Probably a Zuiko 24/2, 21/3.5 and a bunch more film.
    I am looking to avert the disaster of my 17 year old hot water heating going to way your's did by A) replacing it in the next few months and B) selling my townhouse and moving also in the next few months. With an infant and a toddler also, my townhouse is getting a little cramped.
    A) because replacing it myself is a lot cheaper than the credit a homebuyer would likely want in B). Thankfully I've had enough experience with plumbing, sweating and electrical a hot water heater is a pretty minor job for me. So long as the annoyed wife and attention demanding toddler and infant give me the spare couple of hours to do it in :-D
  6. Well honestly, I would have bought a nice T17 Pancolar 1,4/55 Pentacon super Carl Zeiss Jena M42 lens on eBay for my Pentacon Super camera (link).
    However, for the purposes of this thread and its crass commercial motive, I would have bought this at Adorama (link).
    Or maybe this at Amazon (link)
    I think there is a kind of quantum for household disasters and I think it's now up to about $800. Problems occur in multiples of this MHD (Minimum Household Disaster).
  7. Allow me to link to that Sigma DP2s for you fellows:
  8. Prrrrobably a Sony NEX3 and alpha mount adapter. Don't worry about sending me the check yet Josh, it'll still take a month or so before those get released :)
  9. However, for the purposes of this thread and its crass commercial motive, I would have bought this at Adorama (link).​
    It's threads like this that keep me in water heaters!
    Thanks JDM.
  10. I would put it towards a photography class.
  11. Me, I'd put that $800 toward film and processing for my trip to the Outer Hebrides this summer.
  12. For next time, you should replace the anode in your water heater (google it) before it is completely gone. For $100, you could have kept your water heater alive for more years to come. You could have still purchased your lens. Also, if you have hard water, it's a very good idea to drain the tank periodically (maybe once a year) to purge the sediments. If you have a water softener, this would not be necessary (and you would easily double the life of your water heater). So now that you have a new heater, do these steps to make it last so that you're not diverting the "new lens" fund next time.
  13. <---got a tamron 70-200 F2.8 for around 750.00 with shipping
  14. Instead of a bacteria-farm (tank of warm water) I would have gotten (oh wait we already did) a tankless water heater. It is much more efficient because there's no tank full of water kept hot all the time, and it never runs out because it heats as you need it. And in my house, it was taking up half the laundry area, so now we have room for a base cabinet and folding table countertop, which we got free from a neighbor's kitchen renovation. All in all it's a better way to heat your water. But it doesn't take very good photos.
  15. Amy, that was my first choice and we looked into it. Given the various issues at hand (incoming water temp, house size, hot water usage, installation price, tax credits, etc), it would have taken us a LONG time to pay it off with the energy savings. Longer than the time we were going to be in this small house. So it's the kind of thing that I will look more seriously at for our next home.
    Bosch tankless water heater link for those who are interested.
  16. Forget about the lens, Josh....that's $pent money! Just get out and take some photos close to home, and be thankful that you have a hot shower to look forward to when you get home. The more $$$ I spend on lenses, the more I realize that what's really important is getting out and using the ones I have.... Oh, and take your wife with you!
  17. Rodenstock Grandagon, 90mm f4.5 but not here yet....
  18. My $800 would go towards repairs I need for the siding on my house thanks to chipmunks and a woodpecker. Or maybe toward repairs I need to be made to my chimney. Or possibly toward repairs I need made to my ejector pump pit lining... Or toward a possible carpenter ant problem. **sigh**
    I'd love to buy a new computer or put it toward a Canon 135mm f/2...but alas.
  19. Get a cheaper Hot Water tank and put the rest back in the kitty toward that lens you want.
    .. or a great w/end with my wife.
  20. Next $800 will be the Sigma 85mm f1.4
  21. I'd be putting it towards a Nikon 2.8 VRII 70-200 ... so that I might get $800 closer to the $2K+ tag!
  22. Even if I am a Canon XTi and G9 shooter in the digital camp , those 800 would go definitely for a SH Nikon Coolscan IV .
  23. Paid bills - my husband lost his job last week
  24. thats an expensive water heater. Same thing happened to us 2 weeks ago at 7am just 20 mins before we ran out the door to sell my photography at an art festival :))
    Think we spent about $300 for a 50/gal and hubby installed it himself saving the $200 installation fee.
    At the moment, I have to spend the rest left over from the $800 you suggested on supplies to sell more so one day I can buy a bigger zoom lens :) or a really nice tripod and ball head. I have the Hakuba Carbon Fiber HG-503 that I've had since 2004
  25. Hi Josh, compared to EF-S 15-85 the new heater is well spent money. Or, if you've really got bored with your EF-S 17-55/2.8 send it to me for... say... one third of the original price ( Well, worth the try. Just wanted to help :) and get a new EF 24-105 f/4 L IS. IMO the 15-85 isn't the right step ahead. :)
  26. or ... a baby's arm holding an apple. ;-)
  27. We did the same thing as you did a while back. I think a little working vacation would have been nice instead
  28. The sun that provides light for your photos could be heating your water at the same time.
  29. My water heater sprung a leak the day I was supposed to go on a first blind date.
    Well, that never happened.
    Now that new water heater is 7 years old and I'm horrified to think what will happen...
  30. Why are you being a responsible adult?
  31. Think we spent about $300 for a 50/gal and hubby installed it himself saving the $200 installation fee.​
    I don't mess around with natural gas lines. When you screw up with a saw, you lose a finger or two. When you screw up with natural gas, you die in a fiery explosion and so might everyone else in the house.
  32. and get a new EF 24-105 f/4 L IS. IMO the 15-85 isn't the right step ahead.​
    That would work if I was going to be using it on a full frame camera. But my "every day" camera is the T1i, I don't often carry around the bigger heavier full frame unless I'm doing "work" photography. And then I use the "L" lenses.
    I'm not saying the 15-85 is the greatest lens out there. I'm just saying I'm interested in giving it a try for my snapshot photography.
  33. Why are you being a responsible adult?​
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    No particular reason I guess.
  34. With $800, I would go for Olympus EP1 plus 14-42 lens kit, or EP1+Panasonic pancake 20mm, or EP1L plus duoble lens kit. Then, travel with it.
  35. Definitely a photography class...either composition and lighting, or maybe post-processing.
  36. Well, I would have bought an EF 100/2 and an EF 28/1.8 for my 5D. For now I just have the 28~135, that's somehow poor on the tele end... and I like existing light, large openings, and bokeh. And I still think that fixed focal lenght lenses rule. Ok, with some 100 bucks more, but it's worth.
  37. I'm afraid a new hot water tank is in my very near future as well. My current one is just over 20 years old. I installed that one when I discovered my bedroom carpet was all warm and squooshy when I got up that morning... The least I should do is move the bulk of my camera gear up off the floor so that if/when disaster strikes (again) I won't be tempted to sit down in the wet and weep.
  38. [Leaving responsibility & reality aside...]
    $800? Hmmm... 3-7 days visiting friends in Santa Fe and Taos...or...
    A Lumif GF-1, lens + 2nd battery...
    A new batch of prints...
    For my Nikon Dx cameras...
    The following books are on my must-have list:
    That should make $800 vanish...
  39. I would get my head examined for spending $800 for a hotwater heater. Lowe's and Home Depot offer better values than the one you got.
  40. I would have purchased a WAY cheaper water heater and put the balance on the lens. Then I would have immediately gotten the lens with Pay Me Later. This plan goes along with the advice "Always order your dessert firs because you never know".
  41. Well, since I have to spend the $800 instead of keep it I suppose I'd buy something immaterial like a service. I suppose $800 would get me a decent model for a day...
  42. I would take a solo trip to Niagara Falls...
  43. Aparently I didn't make myself clear enough. I didn't spend $800 on a water heater. I spent $800 for a new water heater,
    instalation of that heater (including new gas and water piping), and removal and disposal of my old dead heater all within 24 hours of the old one dying. Despite
    common belief, I'm not an idiot. Lowes is less than a mile from me and HD is less than 2 miles. So I know what their prices are. I paid less for the unit
    and got better quality than the BORGs could offer.

    I didn't instal myself because, as I said, the one thing I don't mess with on my house is the nat gas. Saving a few hundred
    isn't worth the risk in my book.
  44. James G. Dainis

    James G. Dainis Moderator

    You don't live in The South do you, Josh? The question should be - After spending $5 for J-B Weld and duct tape to fix the leak, what would you have spent the other $795 on?
  45. FWIW, IMO hot water, showers, proper sanitation, clean dishes, clean laundry, clean babies, etc. are all important. It's also crucial if you're not comfortable servicing gas appliances to hire that out to a pro. Good show, Josh!
    As to your OP, I'm in the market for a new printer.
  46. 800 bucks in Powerball tickets. Bound to recoup that and buy a 500 f4L with the profits.
  47. I would take a percentage of the $800.00 and donate it to the American Red Cross or a disaster relief organization. We here in Tennessee had historic floods. My hometown of Nashville (where I live) was under water for many days. Go to my website and view how dealt with it;
  48. You did right! Keep your bride happy! That makes it easier to get the toys later!
  49. I saw an ad for a new 7D for only $898. Now it is a bit more than the $800 plus there will be freight. But with that camera, (and some money from housekeeping to pay for it) I would be such a fantastic photographer (not that I am now but the 7D will make me one!) that all I would have to do is take photos and sell them for fortunes to pay back the housekeeping. Trouble is, that with my existing 24-105L IS and the 70 - 200 F4L IS I would rather go for the 5D MkII but that is not just over $800. Hmmmmmm, house keeping would be much thinner for a long time and so would I!. Maybe stick with the 450D for a while.
    Hot water!
    What is wrong with a dip in the local creek with a bottle of wine, a bar of soap and a friend? You will soon get warm and have the opportunity for some nice photos.
  50. My car knows when I have extra money saved up. If I had $800 to freely spend, it would suddenly need an $800 repair. Such is life is right.
  51. Maybe a fitting way to spend the $800.00, had your water not gone "Old Faithful", would have been a road trip to Yellowstone.
    It's on my bucket list of places to visit / photograph. I heard there's some wildlife there...and scenery...
  52. I would put $800 down on a new roof. We have had this house for over 10 years, bought it when it was 18 years old, and I believe the original roof is on it. Oh, Josh: please remember to drain and refill that hot water heater every three months. We replaced a hot water heater last summer. Our neighbor was an electrician, a plumber, and an HVAC man. (Too bad he moved last fall). He installed our new hot water heater for free. Peter told us that rust and deposits collect on the bottom of the hot water heater. If you don't drain and refill it regularly, it could rust the bottom out. That's what happened to us.
  53. If I had the chance to spend 800.00 on a camera, I would buy anything but a Sony hx1, god did I mess up on that one. Well I won't get a chance again because I don't have that kind of money in todays market. I'll just have to make do with what I got, kinda like you did. Enjoy the water heater, it beats cold baths, and I'll try to enjoy my sony hx1 @##$$%$% Jim S.
  54. Hot water heater? For goodness sakes, man, why are you heating hot water?
  55. Oh, and go with the Jet bandsaw. Does an awesome job.
  56. I have enough stuff. The $800 would be spent on airfare.
  57. I would of gotten tickets to The Used concert for me and someone I care about because it's both of our favorite bands and it would mean a hell of a lot to him if he got to see their concert for the first time. He's totally worth it. :)
    And if not, then I would of gotten a really nice camera. Unspecific, yes, but I haven't researched cameras at that price range.
  58. i wish I have money to buy nikkon d90 . but $800 is not is enough. i instead go to visit Newyork city. A wonderful place for photographer
  59. Josh, while no one loves spending money on photography equipment, without hot water, family life itself is impossible. However, I love the planet too much to use old tank water heaters. That's why when my old one died (leaving an inch of water throughout the entire basement) I bought a Navien tankless water heater. They are 98% efficient due to the fact that they actually condense the burning by product of the gas flame (water) from the exhaust to preheat the water.
    A link:
  60. Hey Josh,
    You reminded my that I have a Canon 18-135mm IS that came with my 7D kit, with hood. I haven't used it but once. If yoiu name your price... and I'll give you no interest payments with none due for a month!
    Sorry to here about Old Faithful, but maybe some good will come outa it. Like energy savings with the new unit. Or an 18-135...
  61. Let's see, what to get with an extra $800.00? Easy for me. I would put it toward and brand new Pentax K7...
    Of course I can do that because I spent $850.00 last month on a brand new water heater myself! And yes as Josh said, that's completely installed, gas hooked up by a licensed plumber, water piping plumbed up, and the old water heater hauled away.
    Heading to Lanai in July... now with a little less spending money. Dang.
  62. Well frankly, for this amount I would have bought either a Panasonic DMC-GF1 with the 14-45 mm zoom (or if I were more ambitious the 20 mm ) or an Olympus E-P1 or E-P2 with either the 14-42mm or the 17 mm.
    I do not use long lenses or zooms and could do most of the time with a lighter and smaller camera than a DSLR.
  63. canon F1 new, get it CLA'd,. put the rest in the film stock....wouldnt really do a whole lot of good for a whole lot else these days...maybe a new jib or new lines for my boat, but it would just barely cover that... stupid inflation.
  64. Well, I just bought a used Leica M4-P in EX condition for $795 last week. I'll go shoot a roll of the K25 I bought from you on eBay Josh and think of you and your water heater. (Bummer of an expense for your family but glad it's fixed up.)
  65. Josh,
    As Zorba 'The Greek' said, "Wife, house, kids ... the whole catastrophe!"
    Some how, some way ... whatever you put aside for photographic goodies will get eaten up sooner or later by the necessities of life (see above.)
    And , as I'm sure you're aware of, you'll also be very glad you had the money for the emergency as I was for mine which turned out to be a new furnace.
    A wee bit over the $800 mark.
    So now I'm in serious sourpuss mode 'cuz now I can't get that Leica M9 that I've been drooling over.!
    Cheers! :)
  66. Nice subject to be discussed. Let's also speak about the weather somewhere else, far away from the junky heaters and poor budgets. Let's speak about high heels getting broken and trowsers getting torn. Let's speak about anything just not to be obliged to look at our photographs! They are good photographs, all right, but, somehow, we can see them no more...
    People talk about water heaters in the beginning of the summer, and they have enough pluck to call themseves photographers! My friend sold yesterday one of his two cameras, to buy enough film for a shooting trip. This was a tough desision for one who is about to go hiking with only one unreliable old camera, notwithstanding the ridiculous sums involved ($100).
  67. Here in Toronto we have the option of buying or renting a hot water heater.
    Mine was just replaced after almost 40 years of faithful service.
    Cost? Nothing. I rent it and the gas company replaced it quickly and efficiently and cleanly at no cost to me except for one cold shower.
    $800 burning a hole in your pocket? Go for whatever $800 worth of anything tickles your fancy.
  68. I swear Grizzly and Jet use the same chassis on their band saws. I have an 18" Jet (link) that looks almost identical other than the color and the dust extraction is on the side on mine rather than in front... which seems awkward. I digress...
    I would use the money to take my girlfriend and her son camping/hiking/photography touring in the Eastern Sierras. We both have cameras we love already, it would be fun to go somewhere together and use them.
  69. It is enough to pay the model's fees for a large painting. I am getting fed up with photography.
  70. i wish I have money to buy nikkon d90 . but $800 is not is enough.​
    over here it is. They sell the body now for € 629,00 which translates into $ 792,00 at the moment.
    Just look here
    (site only available in Dutch)
    As for anything in the house well, I sold my house a few years ago and live in a rented penthouse since. Anything amiss and one call is enough to get it fixed, all included. As for spending an extra $800,00 you did the right thing, Owning a house is all about maintenance and keeping spending money. Still, if you've got kids it's a wise investment.
    Me, I'd be gone to Paris for a week.
  71. Then again, I might spend it on a NPad, a Windows based clone of the IPad but with, amongst other things a webcam, card slots and USB slots. Expected in June.
  72. Saw a friend's 10-70mm F2.8 macro lens in action last night and was really envious - would love one of those!
  73. Sorry, my english is not so good, but I believe to understand that You have $800 excess to spend...
    Well, I really need a Canon 18-200 3.5/5.6 IS... It costs less than 800, but I can give to You my address to send it! :-D
  74. I live in a very hot country. So, would like to stick with the camera equipment. I will go for an EF 100/2.8 USM macro (non-IS) + a medium sized tripod and invite you to come and stay with us so that you can do away with your water heater for ever and have the EF-S 15-85 :).
  75. Amazing how much $800 buys for you in the practical everyday world. A new water heater plus labor. That is a very generous package when you think about it. Probably that water heater will last longer than a lot of digital cameras.
    I have been thinking all day about what I could get with $800. I think I could pick up a used Leica MD in good condition for that amount, or a used Zeiss 18/4, if I was lucky. (That is all I want in photo stuff these days.) Mountain Bike? A real good mountain bike would start around two grand. Forget high-end watches. But I could get a super good fountain pen for $800.
    Okay, think fountain pens. I could spend less than $800 on a great fountain pen, buy my wife a cool present, write a card for her with the fountain pen and take her to a French restaurant. Maybe I'd have cash left over for some film and SD cards. Um, substitute good Japanese restaurant for French restaurant.
    I must say the water heater and associated labor was not a bad deal.
  76. How long do you think Josh's water heater will last until he needs a new one?
  77. I wanted a new lens, but alas, my $800 went to this. My Riello 40 F5 burner. My old burner decided to kick the bucket on the coldest day of the year. Arrrghhh...
  78. Although it might be slightly more than $800, I would go for an Olympus E-PL1 MFT body and Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens. I’ve got plenty of SLR crud, but I “need” something decent to carry around 24/7 for those shots that appear when you don’t have your 30-lb SLR kit handy.
  79. Nikonos rig.
  80. I understand the hot water heater replacement thing. I'm fairly competent at such repairs. About 2 months ago I found my hot water heater leaking just a bit, so the following Saturday morning I started draining mine and headed out to the Mega Place for a replacement, when I got the exchange accomplished the day was mine and I was going to take pictures of the waterfowl that has migrated South for the winter before they headed home. I got it installed, and was filling it when it started leaking from who knows where. Ok, I got the bad one; I went back and they exchaned it; go home, reinstall and SAME THING! I knew I should have changed models at least, but didn't, so they had an issue with that whole lot I'm guessing. That evening we made the frantic call to the local hardware store. They were preparing to close, but would stay open for me to get it. I made it there before they officially closed, came home and put that in and all is good in the world. The Mega Place returned the other one too, however I do feel bad for anyone that gets one out of that lI know I saved a bit of $$$ that allowed me to save the difference for photography, but wasted the whole day that I was going to go to Pea Island NWR to take pictures!
    I did make it to Pea Island this winter, just not that weekend, and not again before everything left.
  81. I would've invested it in trying to stop PN from publishing these kind of bull- topics.
    Sadly, however, there's a herd of people that seem to enjoy this...
  82. Just as a note....when my family and house came, except for the kid pics, kinda ended. I couldn't afford to my personal photography the way I wanted with the cash left over from family needs (which was usually $0.00)....but it was worth it.....maybe....ended up divorced anyhow.....but the kids are great!
    Anyhow.....divorced, kids out on there own..........and me unemployed at the moment.....well, the right thing to do would be to put it away for some expense (like food) in the future. But, that used version of Canon's 24mm TSE f/3.5 would be calling me everyday til I bought it.......hehe
  83. Bought the 15-85mm 2 weeks ago to the Antelope Canyon trip for my wife...what a great lens! Compared it to my L lenses (24-105mm, etc...), this one might even has better sharpness and saturation in most focal and aperture. Yes, some power tool also needed to buy, like a nice cordless nail gun for some work in the house...
  84. No idea what it would cost but if you invested the money on a plumbing course then you could save money fixing your own heater AND make lots more money changing heaters for other people AND then spend all this extra money you would have coming on all the lenses that you wanted. There is probably a catch to this but I am not sure what it is.
  85. Maybe another Leica M3 body, because mine seems to be getting slightly broken in...
  86. Josh, I am sympatico on the water heater business. Have had a 40 gallon low boy wedged under the kitchen cabinet. Barely enough room to clear the L bend connection to the cold water inlet and a hernia job for plumbers. This tank is my fourth so far. Spring leaks like noone from the electric company can tell us why. Must be voodoo. Happily, I think this Bradford White looks like a good one.( I buy tank from the distributor and seek the plumber separately. Otherwise you get what is convenient for the plumber. And oh yes, I am trying a sump and drain,fingers crossed)
    I have looked into solar, got an estimate, computed tax credit and came up with a huge retrofit installation problem. Code says the big tank, which I want back in the rear sun exposure of the house has to be from a cold water inlet from current kitchen tank location. That means 35-40 foot run. Last solar guy wants to let that pipe (3/4" I believe) be visible along the bottom of the siding...phooey to that idea.
    Presently I really want to find a way to get an on- demand or something electric powered auxiliary unit near our shower which is distant from the existing lowboy tank and takes about five minutes to crank up the temp .. also seems like it might be power sapping to have to do that pipe heating run.I got to look into it more one day...
    But since you asked, what I buy for 8 bills (and even more fun than a warm shower ), well actually I have an $810.00 w shipping Zuiko ED 50-200 mm SWD Olympus zoom on backorder from Adorama.
    This has been on back order for a month now in what I like to call the Olympus Spring Rebate Regatta.
    I am told that tele zoom lens is one of Olympus's finest achievements.
    Now if we just dont have any Summer 'surprises' like on a VW Passat fuel mixture micro computer part. etc ...
  87. Josh -
    The $800 shouldn't be an issue, even if the P-Net membership stays at $25, by the time I've renewed for another 32 years you'll have it. So go buy what you want now, the dollar value will go down over time and my $800 won't be worth that in 2042. Tell wife that's "Photonet Economics," (she might believe it.)
    Let us know if it works out.
  88. After more than 20 years of home ownership, the money I have spent to replace stuff that breaks, like appliances, water heaters, water pressure tanks, water softeners, well pumps, roofs, driveways, boilers, septic fields, central AC systems, etc, could probably fund a MF digital system, so $800 is barely a rounding error. If you intend to remain a home owner, GET USE TO IT.
  89. Harden up Josh - be a man ! Its summer in the states so who needs hot water.
    Go out and buy that lens. Just think of all the money you can save up over summer to buy a "real kick ...." hot water cylinder and you get to use the new toy.
  90. For 800 bucks you could buy an iPad and have change left over for a few eBooks.
  91. You had taken for granted your "old faithful" for far too long .Probably it had a mind of its own which you were not aware of in your obsession with all connected with photography.Moral of the story is very simple.Respect all that is around you and see that they function in their own parameters.Don't ever allow them to blow in your face.Don't allow chaos to run your life.Be Budha like. It helps.Of course you need a lense
  92. Mine went on an MOT and repairs to my car.
    Which had become old unfaithful.
  93. buy the lens; when you need hot water put the lens (the rigth way) between the sun and a bucket of water, as boy-scouts teach.
  94. I to recently replaced our water heater. I installed it myself since it is not a particularly hard task. So I saved a few dollars that way. As far as shopping goes I would not buy anything just because I came across an extra $800.00. A small amount of money like that just goes into the general fund. However if I needed some camera gear I would purchase it from BHPhoto.
  95. I'd buy the Canon 17 to 40mm L series zoom. It clocks in as the least expensive L series zoom and it will still work when you upgrade to a full frame sensor camera, unlike that 15 to 85mm. It also is a killer lens to use with a pano head as the front lens element does not move in and out when you zoom so the nodel point stays the same across the zoom range. All the movement is internal. This also makes it easier to keep your lens body clean. Man Up my friend, shower in cold water, get the lens, you'll still have enough to get a skilight filter to protect that glass too.
  96. Sorry if you guys aren't breaking my heart. How about saving up for a 500 F4. $6,200. Almost there. Central air goes out in early September. So a $150 dehumidifier keeps the air dry and it's getting cooler. Why fix it now? In early November, the furnace crashes and burns -- literally, the electronics caught fire inside the control box but didn't spread. I'm in a condo that has an all-in-one powerplant. $3,600. No lens in 2009 or 2010.
    A quote from Henry West Jr., a character in a novel I read that sums it all up:
    Sometimes life is sh!t. Sometimes it ain't.
  97. I guess I'd put towards what I did buy on Friday: an EF 300mm f/4L IS USM lens. Fricken' A! Now I finally have a long lens! I guess I've been a responsible adult for long enough. It's been 10 long years . . .
  98. I did the most responsible thing I could think of, but it cost a bit more than $800. I bought the new Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS Macro, tripod mounting ring, and a Calumet Genesis 200 monolight kit. I have some close-up work I want to do. I don't think hot water is all that great especially compared to new lenses.
  99. Sadly we know how you feel, because due to water pressure the valve blew, on what is known here in the UK as a Combi-boiler, sounds as if you call it a tankless boiler in the US. Thankfully we had a Bosch insurance, which covered it, thank goodness! Count yourself lucky though Josh, because in this country it would cost about $1600 here, so you could pretend you saved $800 and spend that,lol!
  100. This [​IMG],
    or this [​IMG]
  101. A week of serious Street Shooting and gallery hopping in New York City.
  102. You did the right thing Josh. And be glad you had some money set aside and did not have to go into hock for a hot water heater! As for me with $800 to spend? I would travel someplace I have wanted to go and work on a photo project using the gear I've got. Photography to me, is about ideas...not the hardware or software.
  103. Purchase another point and shoot - Canon PowerShot SX20 IS and continuing saving for my dream lens EF 300MM f/2.8L IS USM...
  104. I just bought two more camera bodies and two Nikkor lenses, so I'm okay there.
    If I had $800 handed to me today, I'd donate it to the nearest animal shelter. The reason I say that is because last Monday I found a starving dog and her two puppies wandering around the neighborhood. She was abandoned, so another neighbor and I have been feeding the dogs and giving them water until the sheriff's department decides enough is enough and the dogs are officially taken from the absentee "owner."
  105. 800 bucks?
    400 to my student loans(credit cards are paid off, woo!), 400 on a studio flash/softbox kit.
    OR finally buy some pocket wizards.
    OR a killer drop filter set for anything I want to do nature/landscape related.
  106. OR finally buy some pocket wizards.​
    Oh man. I can't recommend that highly enough. My pocket wizards have been through hell and back. I know that there are less costly options from clone companies and other copycats, and in general I don't have a bad opinion of that sort of thing. But as far as pocket wizards go, given how well mine have held up, I have a hard time doing anything but encouraging people to buy the genuine article.
  107. With $800, I would take a trip to Banff and Jasper! I already have all my line-up set right. For the dream lens that I want, it will probably cost well into 5grand and I am sure my Secretary of Treasury will not approve of the same :D
  108. I would have gotten the best Rolleiflex that $800.00 would have gotten. It's my last desire.
  109. What to do with 647.7 euro seems to animate the photonet community more than even whether to go back to film.
    I would buy Chinese Yuan ( 6742 Yuan) - it can only increase in value - and put them aside for paying the university education of Josh junior. American families need to learn to save. So forget about small travels or buying yet another camera or lens you don't need. Invest in the future.
  110. A Sigma 120-400mm! I wanted that, but bought a Nikon 70-300VR instead cuz I couldn't wait. But I've got faith that I'll win the lottery soon. Yeah.
  111. Of course, if I was spending Josh's $800, I would have blown it on booze and women instead of photo stuff.
  112. Ditto on $800 being a dang expensive hot water heater!
    Anyway, if I had $800? I think I'd buy an Arax tilt adapter for Nikon and a 40mm Zeiss lens for PENTACON-six to put on it...
  113. Ditto on $800 being a dang expensive hot water heater!​
    Again, the hot water heater wasn't $800.
  114. Ah sorry - I see. The entire install etc.
    Anyway, I blew my $800 on a garage floor...
  115. I'd look around for a decent 90mm lens for my Speed Graphic. If I stuck with the Graflex Optars, I'd have enough money left over for a good supply of film!
  116. $800 wouldn't get me close enough to the Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VRII ($2,300) quite yet, though that's really at the top of my need-it-next list.
    But it would get me close enough to the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 (Adorama price: $1,225) to justify the extra. Yeah, I know they're releasing a new one with VR, but I'd still love to have this one.
    However, if I'm strictly not allowed to go over the $800, then I'd settle for the still fantastic 85mm f/1.8 (Adorama price: $450).
    I'd just be delighted to have an extra $800 to spend. Hey, I might even spend it on an iPad. Yikes. :)
  117. 1. Finish selling off some old lenses & stuff I don't use any more. Add that to the $800.
    2. New (to me) irons, probably Ping Eye 2 or Ping ISI-K with graphite shafts.
    3. Figure out what to do with the balance.
    3. Figure out what to do with the rest.
  118. bmm


    Photography gear - get a 70-300VR zoom
    Photography other - join a good photo club in Paris as I've just moved there
    Non-photography - take my new wife on a mini-break
  119. Pay for my photography classes next quarter..
  120. A hot water heater is a necessity of life; a camera lens is not, so you do the math. Because you have a family, that was one of those times when you have to switch into adult mode. I know how you feel though, because the compressor on my ten-year old refrigerator died last year. I had to buy a new refrigerator; a new compressor would have cost just as much. But because I'm single with no kids, I did a really irresponsible thing early last year. I bought my Canon Rebel Xsi, which was about $700 on Amazon with a big loan from one of those online"pay day loan" companies. If you can pay the total amount back really fast, it's okay. But I wanted the new camera and I didn't want to save up for it. Such is the single life.
  121. Why would you need to heat hot water? Wouldn't a cold water heater be better?
  122. The only camera gear I lust for is a 300/2.8VR - which is not justifiable and not within the 800 budget :p so I'd use the £££ to learn how to drive so I can not only just shoot at zoos :)
  123. Ok, Josh. I didn't understand the question fully, at first. Here is what I really wanted to buy:
    It's a new drum shell pack, on sale for almost $800. I am including a photo of my drum set. The mounted toms are a little big, causing me to mount my roto toms
    and cymbals very high. It is difficult to reach the cymbals comfortably. A new drum set! Now that would be SWEET.
  124. I'd have spent $500 on good beer, and the rest on a Nikonos III with which to photograph the resulting carnage.
  125. I changed my mind (Niagara), after seeing a program on Discovery call The Ice Hotel, I would spend the money on some time there. It's actually quite reasonably priced, and cold.
  126. Well, the Canon EF F4L 24-105mm IS USM is more than $800 - but that's the lens I'm hoping to get. I rent my water heater.
  127. Option A: one Nikon coolpix for my wife and saving rest for Sigma 50-500mm f4.5-6.3
    Option B: trip to venice with my wife
    Option C: trip to India (alone) to see my kid
    PS: If my wife reads this, then Option C will change to Option A
  128. My initial impulse was to sell my 18-35 and an old sigma zoom, which should get me (along with the 800$ that magically appeared) the new 16-35 VR.
    There are obviously many other ways this can go around (a used 105 f/2 DC, an 85 f/1.8 and another flash, a D90 as backup/crop for my D700 etc.) but after thinking it through, it should really go towards some workshops and tutoring. Make yourself better before you invest in gear.
  129. $800? Go out for a few beers.
  130. $800 Dollars went to vist son and daughter in law and Blew just about that on them But Had Fun Doing It
  131. I'd blow it on a Voigtlander Bessa II.
  132. rdm


    A Samsung NX10 and Minolta MD lens mount adapter.
  133. I am too late to reply here but I had got a boiler repair and other plumbing work too. I bought new laptop as well and all I did witin $800.

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