Teleplus MC7 2X Teleconverter for Nikon - Please Help

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by ludovic_francois, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. Hello All,

    I would like to know, if you have used this teleconverter before,
    what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it.

    Also, does it make a good substitute for a macro lens if i couple it
    with another lens or I should get another kind of converter?

  2. I own it and would be happy to sell it to you. :)

    Seriously, although my old eyes have a hard time getting good
    focus, it allows you to double the size of the subject while
    maintaining the same distance to the film plane. Extension
    tubes get the same result by allowing a lens to get closer to the
    subject than its' minimum focus distance would normally allow.
    I use my Tamron 90mm macro lens most of the time unless
    getting very close to the subject is not possible.

    The 2x teleconverter also serves as a conventional doubler as
    well, with the loss of light and sharpness that comes with all
  3. I have the 1.5x version, and the less expensive 2x Kenko. They are a good product for the money, especially considering the Nikon brand AF converter prices. Either use much faster film or use a tripod. Although the 2x will double the image size at the same focus distance, that would probably not be "macro", or even "closeup". A good compromise would be to have the TC and an accessory (diopter) closeup lens. This makes a very versatile and compact kit.
  4. I have both the MC-7 and the Kenko extention tube sets, bth work fine, though if you are at f/5.6 or above the AF will hunt with either. I've found that I just set my F5 to manual focus mode when havng to use either. Image quality also degrades anytime you insert anything between the lens and the body, but both were good investments, IMHO. The shot enclosed below was taken with an F5, Nikkor 70-300D-ED glass with the Kenko MC7 TC, with both my focus market at "green" focus status" Personally I was a bit disappointed though.

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