Teleconverter Nikon TC-17E II 1.7x Auto Focus

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by rubens_t_vora, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. Is there any big issue when using this TC with a:

    a) Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF Zoom-Nikkor

    and Second Option:

    b) Sigma 100-300mm f/4 EX DG IF HSM APO

    Just in case of having the Sigma the compatibility exclusively goes to Sgma TC?
    If it is so, is there any Sigma TC as Nikon quality?

    Thanks, Rubens
  2. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    There are 4 different versions of the 80-200mm/f2.8 AF. Only the very last version is AF-S and all TC-nnE teleconverters are only compatible with AF-S (and AF-I) lenses.

    See this thread on the 4 versions of 80-200mm/f2.8 AF:

    You cannot mount any TC-nnE converters onto the non-AF-S versions, unless you choose to file off the extra tab on the TC (at your own risk), and even so, there is no AF:
  3. Thanks Shun! In fact, I saw this lens as used in BHPHOTO NY and there is nonthing more tham basic especification. I will check it. And about TC, can I use with Sigam?
  4. "And about TC, can I use with Sigma?"

    The TC-17E II will not physically mount on anything other than specific AF-S *Nikkor* lenses, so no, you can't.

    You can find a list of Nikkor lenses compatible with the TC-17E II here:

    (Note: that list is incomplete, as the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G is also compatible)
  5. And here's why it will only mount on the above lenses ...
  6. The Kenko/Teleplus AF converters are compatible with both the Nikon and Sigma lenses.
  7. My modified (tab removed) TC17E will not autofocus with my Sigma 100-300 F4. It tries but just chatters and doesn't obtain focus. The TC14E (again tab removed) works well with the Sigma, However the Sigma 1.4X provides the same quality and autofocus capability at about half the price.
  8. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Nikon AF becomes unreliable if the effective maximum aperture on your lens drops below f5.6. Below f8, AF is almost useless.

    When you stick a 1.7x TC onto an f4 lens, you are below f5.6.
    With a 1.4x TC, you lose a stop from f4 and will be right at f5.6.
  9. Shun, I am confused. I just bought a 300afs f/4, my understanding re: the nikon 1.7 is that it will keep the aperture at or below 5.6 allowing the 300mm AFS lens to autofocus. It may be a little slower than the 1.4 but it should autofocus. Am I incorrect and do I need to trade the 1.7 for the 1.4 and suffer a monet loss??? Thanks
  10. Sorry Shun, that would be money, if i had a Monet I wouldn't be worried about MONEY
  11. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    If you add a 1.7x TC onto a fixed f4 lens, such as the 300mm/f4 AF-S, the combination becomes a 510mm/f6.3 lens. Since that is below f5.6. AF becomes unreliable and will tend to hunt. If your subject is under full sunlight and has a lot of contrast, it may be ok. If it is under the shadows or indoors, AF will become fairly useless.

    The TC-14E would have kept the aperture at f5.6 and you'll get good AF results.
  12. Shun, I visited Nikon's Site and they state that the 1.7 tc only loses 1.5 fstops making a f/4 a 5.5 which would still maintain AF but I can see your point when you do the math. i guess i will have to just try it and see. if it is bad I will have to get the 1.4 but Nikon apparently uses their "New Math"..i use the 1.7 with my 70-200 but I still regret not getting the 1.4 to start with, especially with the dx factor helping to increase the focal length..
  13. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Starting from f4, if you lose a stop, it is f5.6. Losing 1.5 stops gets you to something around f6.3, definitely below f5.6.

    I have the 300mm/f4 AF-S and all three TC-nnE teleconverters. If at all possible, I highly recommend sticking with no more than the TC-14E. If you are starting from an f2.8 lens, such as the 300mm/f2.8, the 17E and 20E maybe ok.
  14. Thank you Shun, I do mostly bird photography and my guess is that the 1.7 will hunt too much especially while I am trying to get birds in flight so I will try it with the 1.7 because I have it, but I am almost certain I will want the 1.4 which should have been my original choice. If I had been reading this forum at the time of my purchase I would have gotten the 1.4. I also learned that trying real hard NOT to use a TC is the best way to go so I Move closer when I can....Thanks Again...

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