Tele-Tessar 8.0/1000mm for Rolleiflex

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by thomas_diekwisch|1, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. Just out of curiosity - has anybody ever used/tested this monster?
    How does it compare to the old and new 500 for example or any of the
    mirror lenses? I know the MTFs are not that great. Does Zeiss have
    any plans to replace it with an APO version? I know that the old
    500mm Tele-Tessar from the 60ies was just o.k. while the new APO
    version is excellent. Also the 1000mm mirror lenses are excellent,
    apart from price and out-of-focus characteristics. So - who has it?
    Anybody? And how is it really?
  2. If you think that a 100mm f8 is a monster, try a 900mm f6 LF lens (filter size 150mm) conected to a motor-driven Hasselblad via a Sinar p!
  3. Dear friends
    My name is Patricio
    I Have a Tele Tessar 1000/8 for sale, and yes is an excellent quality lens!
    Is very good codition, w/out aluminum case.
    If you will like to see same pictures of this BIG BABY , please tell me.
    Thank you!

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