Tele-Arton Multicoating 5,5-270mm owner sought

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by alpshiker, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hi, wanting confirmation that the lens I have in my hot little hands (all black version in the 13 millions series engraved "Multicoating" on the front rim) has been mismatched with the rear element of another Tele-Arton (those were declined in over 20 versions according to Schneider), I wish that somebody who actually owns that lens could provide me with some measurements, in particular the overall length and the diameter of the rear lens cell. Thanking you in advance! Paul
  2. Why? Doesn't it give sharp images?
  3. Why? Doesn't it give sharp images?

    ____ Actually not. The seller told me that the lens elements were displaced into the lens, but after careful reasembling, it still hasn't the right angle of view and the image suffers gross aberrations.
  4. Paul, I have a couple of convertible Symmars from the 60s, both of which have the last four digits of the serial number engraved on the rear lens barrel.

    I don't know if this applies to T-As, or to lenses of your vintage (late 70s or so). You could look anyway, and if you see four digits that don't match the serial number, you have your answer. (I have an older 180mm T-A, but it's not with me right now so I can't check.)
  5. Dave, thanks for the interesting idea! In fact, the rear elements of more modern lenses have no digit numbers on them, or if they have, there is none at the front, yours is an exception. Except for the convertible Nikkors, I never saw two numbers on a lens that I owned. It is probably because the Symmar is a convertible. Other lenses are not meant to be taken apart.

    The only way to check for the match on that particular lens is to measure the rear component and compare it to a working sample of the same batch. These Tele-Artons were declined in many different versions, some close to that one and some very different. Some were practically symmetrical in size, others as this one have a large front and a small rear component. They were built in focal lengths ranging from 180 to 360mm. How this one ended probably with the wrong cell is a mystery and only a careless previous owner knows the clue. In fact the guy who sold it to me had purchased it like that and passed it further... Maybe I should have sold it before posting here! ;-)
  6. Paul, you're correct. I looked at my 180mm Tele-Arton and it has no numbering on the back element. Maybe it was only the convertible lenses that had this.

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