Technicolor Slide Box with Loupe Built-in

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  1. IMG_5127a.JPG IMG_5121a.JPG Have you ever seen such a thing? I got this is a box of misc. I know that Kodachrome and Technicolor are related. The is a box for holding 35mm slides. I thought it was clever to have a Loupe Built-in. Has anyone ever seen one like it?
  2. Yes. They were as common as dirt at one time.
    They usually had a piece of diffuser material behind the slot for the slide and went by the generic name of 'slide viewers'.

    I think the Technicolor brand name was most likely licensed to a Japanese or Chinese company for this slide viewer, and had little to do with the cine film technology company.

    Kodachrome and Technicolor linked? I don't think so. Technicolor was initially a process that did in-camera colour-splitting and recorded the two or three colour images on entirely separate rolls of film. Kodachrome, OTOH was an integral tri-pack process from the outset.
  3. Didn't Fuji briefly make a plastic slide box with viewer?

    As I recall, Keppler or Schneider mentioned it in Modern Photography. I dimly remember that it was too popular and whoever made it gave up on it. I can't find my file of it, alas.
  4. Oh, it's a slide box.
    How many cardboard-mount slides can you fit in it?

    Doesn't look to hold more than a dozen.

    I'm guessing it was a freebie from a processing company. Wonder how they packed the other 24 slides?
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  5. I was able to place 24 cardboard slides in this box. It was sort of a surprise thy fit as nice as can be.

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