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  1. I want to know what the largest lens that will fit on my Technica III.
    I saw a a Nikon 610mm f9 for �100. Wouold it fit and if so what ir=s the pic quality like

    Kind regards

    Richard Clark
  2. Measure your maximum bellows draw. That will give you a close idea of what your maximum focal length can be. 610mm = 24". Do you have that much? All copy lenses are pretty good.
  3. When you ask about "fit" are you asking whether there's sufficient bellows extension or are you asking about the size of the hole in the front standard? If you mean bellows extension, and assuming your Tech III is a 4x5, a 610mm lens wouldn't come close to working on it. The bellows on a Tech III will extend about 15" so the longest normal lens that can be used is around 300mm, 360mm if you're willing to focus only on infinity or close to infinity. If you're asking about the size of the hole in the front standard, I don't know.
  4. Brian's remarks are spot-on.

    Let me add, that there is another mild complication with the Technikas and certain very large shutters that can be made to fit by boring a lensboard - there is very little or no room between the bottom of the shutter and the lens standard bits that stick out. I have cured this by making a custom-made lensboard that incorporates an extension tube. Grimes, Inc. makes a very good board/tube and there is a Chinese wannabe-copy of his design.

    Here is Grimes'
  5. Um, Rich, in addition to Brian's comments about Techs' extension, there's another problem with the lens you're thinking about. Your camera doesn't have a focal plane shutter, so the lens will have to be put on or in front of a leaf shutter. Neither approach is inexpensive.

    I shoot a 480 Apo Nikkor on a 2x3 Speed Graphic. The lens is front-mounted on a #1, and there are a couple of tricks involved since my camera, like yours, doesn't have enough extension to focus such a long lens.

    Pico, I think I'm the person who's responsible for SKG's awareness that mount adapters and extensions and such have to be threaded internally to control glancing reflections. They put a 12"/4 Taylor Hobson telephoto on a 2x3 Pacemaker board for me about three years ago, I sent the adapter back to be threaded internally because as delivered it was smooth and shiny inside and made a really spectacular hot spot ... They then had no idea that smooth and shiny could be a problem. Since then every time I've ordered an adapter I've specified that it be ribbed internally.
  6. Dan, thanks for being there with the tip to Grimes.

    Tip in trade for your help: I lined my board extension with black flocking paper instead of machining with baffling threads. Black flocking paper is like a black hole to light. Zero reflection even at extreme angles. Have you tried it?

    Oh, when flocking gets dusty, then gently touching it with the sticky side of masking tape removes all the dust.
  7. Pico, thanks for the kind offer. I live a couple of miles from Edmund. A while ago I bought some adhesive-backed flocking paper from their outlet store at $0.25/sheet. The stuff doesn't adhere well for me. When I get annoyed enough about it, I'll go buy some newer (?) at full price from the main store. But yes, it does kill the dread glancing reflections.

    For the moment I'll all adaptered up. Need perhaps one more, ~ 10 mm flange to flange female M40x0.75 to M39x1.0. One of these days, the need isn't urgent.


  8. Back to the original query.

    You might look at the Fuji 600mm telephoto lens. Double-check my figure, but I think it needs a bellows draw of only about 15". True telephotos require less draw than the focal length.
  9. 600mm process lenses are often not mounted in a shutter. That would not be very practical, unless you use a hat or something.

    According to Linhof, the current Master Technika works with lenses up to 500mm. I'm not sure if that means tele lenses only or if you could use e.g. a 480mm Apo-Ronar.

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