Tech Pan and WD2D+?

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by trooper, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. I've had nice results recently with WD2D+ and traditional emulsions.
    I've got a bunch of Technical Pan in the freezer and it dawned on me
    that the contrast control of the WD2D might have some potential with
    the TechPan. I'll go ahead and experiment (I almost hope it
    isn't "magic" with the demise of TechPan!), but would like to know of
    others' experiences that might save me some extra trials.
  2. Craig, interesting test there.

    Don't worry, you have a year to stock up on the sheet film. I'll bet well-frozen Tech Pan can easily keep for 20-25 years.
  3. A quick follow-up.... I was printing some odds and ends today and finally got at test printing 35mm TechPan done in WD2D+. I had only done a random shot, single roll at various speed indexes, but I am very, very pleased with the initial results. I was surprised at the ease of printing and nice tonality that the combo gave me. I had spent a while today printing some medium format 8X10 prints for a theater project and then remembered the TechPan roll. The results were surprisingly close to the 6X7 and 645 prints I had just finished. Very smooth tonal transitions and absolutely fantastic detail. It seems that rating it at 25 when using 10 minutes in WD2D+ that I initially tried should make a very good starting point. As I first mentioned, I almost hoped it wouldn't work this well!

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